19 Things to Do in Jordan When You Visit.

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Jordan is a country that attracts travelers of all types, from the adventurous to the typical tourist. It’s home to many beautiful places and attractions, such as Ajloun Castle, Petra, and Wadi Rum. Jordan has become so popular in recent years that the government has started to build new hotels to accommodate the influx of tourists. If you’re planning on visiting Jordan soon, here are some things you should put on your must-do list while you’re there.

What to do in Jordan

One of the best things to do in Jordan is explore the desert. You can trek through Wadi Rum, a majestic canyon that is located in the northern region of Jordan. Additionally, there are many other locations to explore like Petra and Ajloun Castle.

Another thing you should do when you’re in Jordan is visit the Dead Sea. This salt lake is known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world and has been said to have healing properties for skin conditions such as psoriasis. If you’re not into exploring, you can simply enjoy a scenic cruise along the lake’s coast.

As far as monuments go, The Monastery of Deir Ammar offers beautifully preserved ancient ruins dating back to the 5th century AD. It’s also worth checking out if you’re interested in learning about King Hussein bin Talal Mosque and its Islamic architecture.

If shopping is your thing, there are plenty of stores to check out in Jordan such as Souq Al Bahariya (an outdoor market), Al-Maghtas (a traditional market), or The Bazaar at Jerash where you can get anything from food to souvenirs.

What to do in Amman

Amman is the capital city of Jordan and has a lot to offer. With its many museums, cultural attractions, and shopping opportunities, Amman is a great place to explore. The best way to see all that Amman has to offer is by taking in the sights on foot or renting a car. You can also visit the Citadel which was built in 1078 AD by King Fulk (known as “Fulk-al-Din”) of Jerusalem.

One other thing you should do in Amman is eat at one of the many restaurants serving Jordanian dishes, such as roasted chicken and falafel. There are plenty of restaurants for every budget and taste! Jordan also has plenty of different types of foods from around the world, so if you have some dietary restrictions that need accommodating, don’t worry–Jordan will have something for you!

What to do in Ajloun


The Ajloun Castle is one of the most famous castles in Jordan. It was built by the Ayyubid dynasty and is located in the north of Ajloun near the border with Syria. The castle’s history dates back to 1099 when it was occupied by Seljuk Turks. In 1174, it became part of a fiefdom given to Saladin. After his death, his son Al-Zahir Baybars ruled the area and lived in this castle.

It’s also worth checking out the museum located inside the castle grounds which has an extensive collection of artifacts from ancient times to modern days.

You can also enjoy a picnic on one of the many picturesque terraces surrounding Ajloun Castle.

What to do in Petra

One of the most popular destinations in Jordan is Petra, an ancient city carved out of rock in a mountain valley. It’s one of the seven wonders of the world and has been a major destination since ancient times. Visiting Petra offers something for everyone. There are caves to explore, tombs to see, and even petroglyphs to discover.

Simply put, Petra is incredible. If you’re wondering what to do while visiting Jordan, make sure you include a visit to this impressive site on your list.

What to do in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is the largest valley in the Middle East, and you can explore it on foot or by camel. You’ll find stunning rock formations, caves, and ancient relics from various civilizations. The valley is home to a variety of animals that are native to the area, such as antelope, wild boar, gazelle, birds of prey, and falcons.

Wadi Rum also has some ancient ruins that make for an interesting day trip. These include Qasr al-Hosn Castle and Shobak Castle, both of which have been restored with modern accommodations.

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