Best Things to Do in Jordan – 10 Of The Best Places To Visit

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Amman, the capital of Jordan, offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. Here is an extended list of 30 of the best activities in Amman:

Historical and Cultural Attractions:

  1. Amman Citadel: Explore the ancient ruins, including the Temple of Hercules, at this historic site.
  2. Roman Theater: Visit the well-preserved Roman Theater for its historical significance and breathtaking views.
  3. King Abdullah Mosque: Admire the beautiful architecture of this important mosque.
  4. Jordan Museum: Learn about Jordan’s history and culture through its impressive collection of artifacts.
  5. Downtown Amman (Al-Balad): Stroll through the bustling streets, markets, and cafes in the city center.
  6. Rainbow Street: Explore this vibrant area filled with art galleries, shops, and eateries.
  7. The Royal Automobile Museum: View a unique collection of vintage cars owned by the Jordanian royal family.
  8. Haya Cultural Center: Attend cultural events and exhibitions highlighting Jordan’s heritage.

Culinary Delights:

  1. Try Jordanian Cuisine: Savor traditional dishes like mansaf, falafel, shawarma, and knafeh.
  2. Souk Jara: Shop for handicrafts and local products at this seasonal market.
  3. Abu Jbara Restaurant: Enjoy Jordanian street food, including falafel and kebabs, at this iconic eatery.
  4. Hashem Restaurant: Taste authentic Middle Eastern flavors at this renowned restaurant in Downtown Amman.
  5. Jafra Cafe: Experience traditional Jordanian coffee and sweets in a cozy atmosphere.

Day Trips and Nature:

  1. Jerash: Take a day trip to the ancient Roman city of Jerash to explore its well-preserved ruins.
  2. Dead Sea: Float in the salty waters of the Dead Sea and indulge in a mud bath.
  3. Mount Nebo: Visit the historic site where Moses is said to have seen the Promised Land.
  4. Wadi Rum: Embark on a desert adventure and experience the stunning landscapes of Wadi Rum.
  5. Petra: Plan a multi-day excursion to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Petra, famous for its rock-cut architecture.
  6. Dana Biosphere Reserve: Hike through this diverse nature reserve with beautiful canyons and wildlife.
  7. Ajloun Forest Reserve: Explore lush forests and go hiking or birdwatching in this protected area.
  8. Ma’in Hot Springs: Relax in natural hot springs located in a picturesque desert setting.

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Art and Culture:

  1. Darat al Funun: Visit this contemporary art space showcasing works from the Arab world.
  2. Royal Film Commission: Attend film screenings, events, and festivals celebrating Arab cinema.
  3. National Gallery of Fine Arts: Explore Jordanian and Arab art at this museum in Jebel Weibdeh.

Shopping and Markets:

  1. City Mall: Shop at one of Amman’s modern shopping centers, offering a range of international brands.
  2. The Boulevard: Visit this mixed-use development featuring shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  3. Al-Mukhtar Mall: Explore local and international brands in a relaxed shopping environment.

Amman’s diverse offerings ensure that visitors can enjoy a mix of historical, cultural, culinary, and natural experiences during their stay in the city.

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