Diving Experience In The Heart Of Red Sea In Aqaba

Diving Experience In The Heart Of Red Sea In Aqaba


When the conference ends, I head south to the Red Sea dive center in Aqaba. For those who want to settle in the heart of the diving community, there are good dive hotels and hostels along the coral reefs of South Beach, such as the Red Sea Dive Center and the bohemian village of Darna, although there is little else nearby. Most of the dive centers are located in the South Beach area, 10 km from Aqaba, which means that they are all very close to the dive sites. Most dive centers in Aqaba offer shore and boat diving on request.

Not all dive centers here in Aqaba have the same standards of equipment, conditions or safety. All dive masters and instructors in Aqaba must be registered with the marine park in order to work. In total, there are about 25 dive sites, most of which are located in the protected marine park of Aqaba.

Many dives are made from the shore without the use of a boat. If you can, I recommend that you book dives from a boat rather than from shore, although shore dives are possible. The northern areas of the Red Sea offer an extremely diverse range of diving and conditions suitable for all levels of divers.

As one of the Seven Wonders of the Underwater World, the Red Sea and Egypt offer divers some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs, rich marine life and a wide variety of dive sites. The spectacular marine life that makes the Red Sea famous, such as the abundance of manta rays, large sharks and cetaceans, cannot be found diving in the waters of Aqaba, but there is a very rich and constantly improving hard and soft reef coral, sponges, Sea fans, a variety of tropical reef and macro life, and some of the most impressive sights such as barracuda, rays, sea eagles and turtles are common, with occasional sightings of dolphins and whale sharks during the plankton boom. The Red Sea has A kaleidoscopic array of marine life, with some of the world’s most coveted coral gardens, reefs and shipwrecks, perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Aqaba offers year-round diving in the Red Sea, where the water temperature never drops below 18°C ​​in winter. Deep Blue Dive Center is located at the Tara Bay Resort in Aqaba South Beach, so if you prefer to live nearby I highly recommend checking out the area.

With Abdullah Momani’s extensive knowledge of bay dive sites and marine life, the Abdullah and Red Sea Dive Centre was the perfect choice. Muhammad’s father, Abdullah Momani, founded the Red Sea Dive Centre in 1990 – the first dive centre in Aqaba, Jordan – which Abdullah took over in 2012. After dinner, King Abdullah talked about Aqaba and the future sea of ​​the Red Sea
in sweet tea. Sea diving center.

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