Whether you are a resident working in the GCC (UAE, KSA,…) or anywhere from around the world (Europe, USA,Canada,…) you do not need to worry about the border crossing or about receiving a stamp on your passport. Due to multiple inquiries we receive from our clients, asking how we make it possible for you to visit Jerusalem and Jordan. The following will be a detailed explanation of the process that we go thru, if you wished to visit Jerusalem.

To start off, an individual wishing to join one of our group tours should send an inquiry at least 14 days prior to the date of arrival, we advise you to also check if you are a non-restricted nationality or not by clicking on the following link. This gives us the time to get an authorization from Jordan’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiques and have it approved by the Ministry of Interior. When crossing the Border to go to Jerusalem, please keep in mind that security is heavy and the crossing could take anywhere from half an hour to an hour maximum visitors can ask the border’s security officers to stick the stamp on a separate document rather than directly in the passport.

We, at Jordan MW, look out to provide a high level of satisfaction for our clients and put all their worries concerning legal document and paperwork aside. Thus we assure you that we have good experience with the border crossings to Jerusalem.