Jordan Adventure Tour Packages

Jordan Adventure Tour Packages

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Top 3 Jordan Adventure Tour Packages

Discover the hidden wonders of Petra, the ‘Rose City,’ on this exhilarating journey. From the bustling streets of Amman to the serene Dead Sea, in this tour, mostly favored by Saudi Arabia residents, every moment promises excitement.

  • Day 1: Amman Arrival Arrive in Amman, the vibrant capital, and feel the pulse of Jordan.
  • Day 2: Amman – Jerash – Ajloun – Amman Explore the ancient ruins of Jerash and the imposing Ajloun Castle.
  • Day 3: Amman City Tour – Dead Sea Immerse yourself in Amman’s rich history and float effortlessly in the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea.
  • Day 4: Dead Sea Relaxation (Free Day) Unwind by the Dead Sea, where time stands still.
  • Day 5: Dead Sea – Mt. Nebo – Madaba – Petra Ascend Mt. Nebo, glimpse the Promised Land, and visit the mosaic city of Madaba before reaching Petra.
  • Day 6: Explore Petra – Lunch in Petra – Wadi Rum Marvel at the rose-red rock-cut architecture of Petra and savor a local lunch. Then venture into the otherworldly Wadi Rum desert.
  • Day 7: Wadi Rum – Aqaba Camp under the star-studded desert sky in Wadi Rum and continue to the coastal gem of Aqaba.
  • Day 8: Aqaba – Departure (Queen Alia International Airport) Bid farewell to Jordan, taking with you memories etched in sandstone.

2. From Aqaba with Love – A Jordanian Adventure

Calling all water enthusiasts! Dive into the azure depths of the Red Sea and explore the wonders beneath.

  • Day 1: King Hussein Airport – Aqaba Hotel – Red Sea Plunge into the Red Sea for swimming and snorkeling, followed by a delightful lunch.
  • Day 2: Aqaba – Wadi Rum Venture into the mystical desert of Wadi Rum.
  • Day 3: Wadi Rum – Explore Petra – Lunch in Petra Traverse the desert to reach Petra, where ancient secrets await.
  • Day 4: Petra – Dana (Village) – Kerak – Wadi Al Mujib – Dead Sea Journey through Dana Village, visit the imposing Kerak Castle, and experience the awe-inspiring Wadi Al Mujib. Finally, float in the rejuvenating waters of the Dead Sea.
  • Day 5: Dead Sea – Madaba – Nebo – Amman Visit the mosaic city of Madaba and stand atop Mt. Nebo, just as Moses did.
  • Day 6: Amman City Tour – Jerash – Ajloun – Amman Explore Amman’s vibrant streets, then step back in time at Jerash and Ajloun.
  • Day 7: Amman – Queen Alia Airport Bid adieu to Jordan, your heart full of aquatic adventures.

3. Petra and Wadi Rum Adventure Tour (9 Days)

For those who savor the journey, this extended tour offers an immersive experience.

  • Day 1: Arrival – Amman Begin your odyssey in Amman, where modernity meets antiquity.
  • Day 2: Amman – Madaba – Mt. Nebo – Al Karak – Dana Trace the historical path from Madaba to Mt. Nebo, Al Karak, and the charming Dana Village.
  • Day 3: Dana Adventure – Petra Dive into Dana’s natural beauty and then set foot in Petra’s ancient realm.
  • Day 4: Explore Petra Uncover Petra’s secrets, from the Treasury to the Monastery.
  • Day 5: Petra – Wadi Rum Adventure Swap sandstone for red sands as you venture into Wadi Rum.
  • Day 6: Wadi Rum – Aqaba Camp under the starry desert sky and continue to Aqaba.
  • Day 7: Aqaba – Wadi Numiera – Dead Sea Explore Wadi Numiera and rejuvenate in the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea.
  • Day 8: Dead Sea – Jerash – Amman City Tour – Amman Visit Jerash’s ancient ruins and rediscover Amman’s modern marvels.
  • Day 9: Amman – Departure Bid farewell, knowing that Jordan’s magic will linger in your soul.

Jordan beckons with its ancient marvels, rugged landscapes, and warm hospitality. Whether you seek the rose-red city of Petra, the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea, or the mystical desert of Wadi Rum, our adventure tour packages promise unforgettable experiences.

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