Jordan Group Tours 2022

Jordan Group Tours 2022


10 Best Ways to Experience Jordan. Relax in a Café Amman Café is the perfect place to experience modern Jordan. You should know that Amman is designed in such a way that you can see many sights in one day. Sky with a visit to Madaba and Kurak Castle is a typical and popular day trip.


Optional Experience Desert Castles Join us as we travel east and south of Amman to visit Jordan‘s desert castles, fine examples of Islamic art and architecture. Travel Jordan on one of Encounters Travel Jordan’s group tours, where we’ll discover ancient Roman ruins scattered across the sand, enjoy unforgettable sunsets in the desert, and explore the lost city of Petra and the Red Sea.


In the lost city of Petra, you can immerse yourself in magical desert landscapes, discovering both historical and biblical sites. Petra If you haven’t explored many archaeological sites on your travels, Petra will inspire you to see more of them.


Petra The ancient city of Petra was named one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, and after visiting it, it’s not hard to see why. Today, Petra is known for the ancient cultural heritage of Petra, which continues to attract visitors on trips to Jordan. Petra, located in the southwestern desert of Jordan, dates back to 300 BC. about. Petra is a famous historical and archaeological city located on the slopes of Mount Hor in southern Jordan.


On your private tour of Jordan, you will explore the magnificent Petra. The cosmopolitan cafés of Amman, the tranquility of Dana Hills and the historical treasures of Madaba, you might come to Jordan to see the ruins of Petra, but you’ll leave with a lot more. Romantic Jordan is full of historical treasures, and here at A&K; you can explore iconic sites, including gorgeous Petra, in unparalleled comfort and style.


All of our luxury Jordan tours include a stopover in gorgeous Petra. Choose one of our group, private or customized Jordan tours that explore every corner of Jordan and you will have the vacation of a lifetime. Travel with us to Jordan on a group tour to discover these treasures and more, celebrate the New Year in the desert, or try something a little different on one of our selected private trips.


The following list is just a few of the many experiences you can have by joining group tours in Jordan. Encounters Travel also offers several tours that combine a stay in Israel or Egypt with a visit to Jordan. We also specialize in the complete organization of tours in Jordan, taking care of travel, accommodation and itinerary from arrival to departure. There is so much here and you can find even more inspiration.


All of these influences can still be seen today in Jordan’s ancient ruins, architecture, crafts and arts. Western influences (especially in Amman and other major cities) have infiltrated Jordanian society, so Jordan now has a mix of Arab customs and modern lifestyles. Modern cities filled with lay citizens, mountainous regions dotted with small villages, and deserts inhabited by Bedouin nomads, Jordan has all this and more.


Sky gazing at the stars from our yurt camp or sitting down to dinner with our local Bedouin friends, you are sure to fall in love with Jordan and its people. Gorgeous Petra is also a great place to meet the friendly Bedouins of Jordan; As part of our bike tour of Jordan, you will spend the night under the bright desert stars in a secluded Bedouin camp.


Arguably one of the best-preserved Roman cities in the Middle East, magnificent Petra is Jordan’s most popular tourist destination to admire Roman architecture, mosaics and sculptures. Discover the best of this enchanting country, including its treasure trove of ancient wonders, on our holiday tours of Jordan. From walking or cycling through beautiful desert landscapes to tours of Crusader castles or discovering underwater treasures on a snorkeling tour in Aqaba, here are some of our top things to see and do in Jordan.


Small-group tours with guaranteed departure dates are best for those who want to see some of Jordan’s most popular attractions at a relatively low price. If you’re traveling on your own and on a budget, joining an inexpensive organized tour from Amman (offered by many budget hotels) to a remote location like the deserted castles of eastern Jordan is much easier and often cheaper. themselves.


Most Jordan tours add Wadi Rum to their itinerary including a trip to Petra or Aqaba. After exploring Amman, you can also continue your trip to Jordan on the outskirts of the city.


Amman Most Jordan tours start in the capital and largest city of Amman, a modern metropolis with ancient ruins. Your off-season tour of Jordan starts in the capital Amman and ends at the Dead Sea, one of the lowest points on earth. Return to Amman for your last night in Jordan, enjoying a farewell dinner with fellow travelers.


Enjoy a guided tour of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Petra, one of the new 7 wonders of the world. This unique tour of Egypt and Jordan combines Old World glory and modern glamour. Our stepping stone to Jordan’s fascinating ancient trading history is the white stone city of Amman, which you will have the opportunity to explore at your leisure after being dropped off at your hotel from the airport. Petra Moon Tourism is the most professional Wadi Musa travel agency in Petra and Jordan (including Wadi Rum and Aqaba).


Travel during the summer months (June, July and August) can be tricky for those not used to the heat, so those who want to avoid warmer temperatures are advised to visit Jordan in spring and autumn.

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