Jordan is a beautiful destination for those who wish to experience the beauty of the desert

spectacular desert wilderness in Jordan – the magnificent landscape – “Wadi Rum”, also known as the Valley of the Moon


The Jordanian desert, including the famous Wadi Rum and other remote areas, offers a range of unique and unforgettable activities for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. Here are some top activities to do in the Jordanian desert:

  1. Wadi Rum Jeep Safari: Explore the surreal landscapes of Wadi Rum, often referred to as the “Valley of the Moon,” on a thrilling jeep safari. Navigate through sand dunes, narrow canyons, and towering rock formations while taking in the breathtaking desert scenery.
  2. Camel Trekking: Experience the traditional mode of transportation in the desert by embarking on a camel trek. Ride through the dunes and rocky terrain while gaining insights into the Bedouin way of life.
  3. Hot Air Balloon Ride: Soar above the desert and marvel at the expansive views of Wadi Rum’s unique geological features during a hot air balloon ride at sunrise or sunset.
  4. Rock Climbing: Wadi Rum offers excellent rock climbing opportunities for climbers of all levels. Climb the unique sandstone formations and enjoy panoramic views from the top.
  5. Sandboarding: Try sandboarding on the towering sand dunes of Wadi Araba or Wadi Rum. It’s a fun and adventurous way to experience the desert landscape.
  6. Hiking and Trekking: Explore the desert on foot by taking one of the numerous hiking trails in the region. Some popular routes include the Burdah Rock Bridge Trail and the Lawrence’s Spring Trail.
  7. Stargazing: With minimal light pollution, the Jordanian desert is an ideal location for stargazing. Marvel at the clear night skies and constellations while camping in the desert.
  8. Bedouin Camp Experience: Stay in a traditional Bedouin camp for an authentic desert experience. Enjoy Bedouin hospitality, traditional meals, and cultural insights.
  9. Desert Camping: Camp under the stars in the heart of the desert. Whether you choose a luxury desert camp or a more rugged experience, camping in Wadi Rum is a memorable adventure.
  10. Archaeological Sites: Explore the ancient archaeological sites scattered throughout the desert, such as the ruins of Lawrence of Arabia’s House or the inscriptions at Khazali Canyon.
  11. Photography: Capture the stunning desert landscapes, rock formations, and vibrant colors with your camera. The Jordanian desert provides endless photo opportunities.
  12. Sunset and Sunrise Viewing: Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing desert sunsets and sunrises. The changing colors and shadows over the desert are a photographer’s dream.
  13. Wadi Rum Film Sites: Visit locations in Wadi Rum that have been used as film sets for famous movies like “Lawrence of Arabia” and “The Martian.”
  14. Traditional Music and Dance: Enjoy traditional Bedouin music and dance performances around the campfire, offering a glimpse into local culture.
  15. Birdwatching: Some desert areas, like the Azraq Wetland Reserve, offer opportunities for birdwatching. Spot migratory and resident bird species in this unique desert oasis.
spectacular desert wilderness in Jordan – the magnificent landscape – “Wadi Rum”, also known as the Valley of the Moon
spectacular desert wilderness in Jordan – the magnificent landscape – “Wadi Rum”, also known as the Valley of the Moon

Jordan adventure Tour – Desert Thrills

When exploring the Jordanian desert, it’s essential to plan and prepare adequately, especially if you intend to venture off the beaten path. Consider hiring a local guide or joining a guided tour to make the most of your desert adventure while ensuring safety and respect for the environment.

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