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When booking a tour with Trip500, you can expect a range of services and experiences, including adventure activities, to be well-organized and catered to your preferences. Here’s what you can generally expect from a reputable tour operator in Jordan:

  1. Customized Itineraries: Tour operators will work with you to create a customized itinerary based on your interests, travel style, and duration of stay. They can help you choose the activities and attractions that align with your preferences.
  2. Expert Local Guides: Tour operators often provide knowledgeable local guides who can offer insights into Jordan’s history, culture, and attractions. These guides can enhance your understanding and appreciation of the places you visit.
  3. Transportation: Tour operators typically arrange transportation to and from airports, as well as between attractions. This can include private vehicles, comfortable coaches, or 4×4 vehicles for desert excursions.
  4. Accommodations: They can assist in booking accommodations that suit your budget and preferences, whether you prefer luxury hotels, boutique guesthouses, or traditional Bedouin camps in the desert.
  5. Adventure Activities: If you’re interested in adventure activities, tour operators in Jordan can organize a variety of experiences, such as:
    • Jeep Tours: In places like Wadi Rum, you can expect thrilling 4×4 jeep tours through the desert, exploring sand dunes and rock formations.
    • Hiking and Trekking: Whether you want to hike in Petra, explore the Dana Biosphere Reserve, or trek in other scenic areas, tour operators can arrange guided hikes suited to your fitness level.
    • Camel and Horseback Riding: Enjoy traditional experiences like camel trekking in the desert or horseback riding through the dramatic landscapes.
    • Rock Climbing: For adventure enthusiasts, operators can organize rock climbing excursions in places like Wadi Rum.
    • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling: If you’re visiting Aqaba, Jordan’s coastal city, you can go scuba diving or snorkeling in the Red Sea, known for its vibrant marine life.
  6. Cultural Experiences: In addition to adventure activities, tour operators can arrange cultural experiences, such as cooking classes, visits to local markets, and interactions with Bedouin communities.
  7. Meals: Many tour packages include meals, whether they are provided at your accommodations or in local restaurants, allowing you to sample Jordanian cuisine.
  8. Safety and Logistics: Tour operators prioritize your safety and handle logistical details, ensuring a smooth and worry-free travel experience.
  9. Group or Private Tours: Depending on your preference, you can choose from group tours, where you travel with a small group of like-minded individuals, or private tours, which offer a more personalized experience.
  10. Flexibility: Reputable tour operators are often flexible and can accommodate changes or unexpected events during your trip.

When choosing a tour operator in Jordan, it’s essential to research their reputation, read reviews from previous travelers, and communicate your expectations and interests clearly to ensure that your tour is tailored to your desires. A good tour operator can help you make the most of your adventure in Jordan, whether you’re interested in exploring ancient ruins, enjoying desert adventures, or immersing yourself in local culture.


Jordan Vacation with Kids – Family Tour

A luxury tour in Jordan offers travelers the opportunity to explore the country’s rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and historical sites while enjoying top-notch accommodations, fine dining, and personalized services. Here’s a sample itinerary for a luxury tour in Jordan:

Day 1: Arrival in Amman

  • Arrive at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman.
  • Private transfer to a luxury hotel in Amman.
  • Welcome dinner at a gourmet restaurant in the city.

Day 2: Amman City Tour

  • Guided tour of Amman’s historical and cultural sites, including the Amman Citadel and the Roman Theater.
  • Visit the Jordan Museum to explore the country’s history and artifacts.
  • Fine dining experience at a renowned Amman restaurant.

Day 3: Jerash and Ajloun Castle

  • Private transfer to Jerash to explore the exceptionally preserved Roman ruins.
  • Visit the Ajloun Castle, a medieval fortress with panoramic views.
  • Return to Amman for an evening of relaxation and spa treatments.

Day 4: Petra – The Rose City

  • Private transfer to Petra, with a luxury hotel check-in.
  • Evening candlelit tour of Petra’s Treasury (Al-Khazneh) followed by a private dinner inside the site.

Day 5: Petra Exploration

  • Full day exploring Petra’s archaeological wonders, including the Siq, the Monastery (Ad-Deir), and the High Place of Sacrifice.
  • Lunch at a luxury restaurant within the Petra complex.
  • Evening relaxation at the hotel’s spa facilities.

Day 6: Wadi Rum Desert – Glamping

  • Private transfer to Wadi Rum and check-in at a luxury desert camp.
  • Guided 4×4 desert safari with a private Bedouin guide.
  • Sunset cocktail reception in the desert followed by a gourmet Bedouin-style dinner.

Day 7: Wadi Rum Adventures

  • Morning hot air balloon ride over the Wadi Rum desert.
  • Jeep tour to explore the unique rock formations and sand dunes.
  • Private yoga session amidst the stunning desert scenery.
  • Evening stargazing with an astronomer.

Day 8: Aqaba – Red Sea Relaxation

  • Private transfer to Aqaba, Jordan’s coastal city on the Red Sea.
  • Check-in at a luxury beachfront resort.
  • Day at leisure to relax on the private beach, swim, and enjoy water sports.

Day 9: Red Sea Diving and Snorkeling

  • Private guided scuba diving or snorkeling experience to explore the vibrant marine life of the Red Sea.
  • Afternoon spa treatments and relaxation at the resort.
  • Evening seafood feast at a fine-dining restaurant by the sea.

Day 10: Dead Sea Retreat

  • Private transfer to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth.
  • Check-in at a luxury Dead Sea resort.
  • Enjoy floating in the salty waters and indulging in spa treatments.
  • Sunset cocktails by the Dead Sea.

Day 11: Departure

  • Depending on your flight schedule, you may have some free time in the morning for last-minute relaxation or shopping.
  • Private transfer to Queen Alia International Airport for departure.

This luxury tour in Jordan combines cultural exploration with relaxation and adventure while offering the finest accommodations, dining experiences, and personalized services. Remember that this is just a sample itinerary, and luxury tour operators can tailor the trip to your specific desires and preferences. Jordan’s hospitality and luxury offerings make it an ideal destination for travelers seeking a lavish and memorable experience.

Luxury Tour to Petra and Wadi Rum


Jordan is a country filled with breathtaking natural landscapes, ancient historical sites, and cultural treasures. Here are ten of the top sightviews in Jordan that you should consider visiting:

  1. Petra – The Rose City: Petra is Jordan’s most iconic archaeological site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Explore the intricate rock-cut architecture, including the famous Treasury (Al-Khazneh) and the Monastery (Ad-Deir).
  2. Wadi Rum – The Valley of the Moon: This desert landscape is famous for its towering sandstone mountains, red sand dunes, and dramatic rock formations. Take a jeep tour, go rock climbing, or enjoy a hot air balloon ride to experience its otherworldly beauty.
  3. The Dead Sea: Known for its extreme salinity, the Dead Sea allows you to effortlessly float on its surface. Relax in the mineral-rich mud and take in the stunning views of the surrounding desert landscapes.
  4. Jerash: Explore the remarkably well-preserved Roman ruins of Jerash, including the Oval Plaza, the Temple of Artemis, and the impressive Hadrian’s Arch. It’s one of the best-preserved Roman cities in the world.
  5. Mount Nebo: Visit this biblical site where Moses is said to have seen the Promised Land. Enjoy panoramic views of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and even Jerusalem on a clear day.
  6. Amman Citadel: Located in the heart of Amman, this ancient citadel boasts a rich history and offers panoramic views of the city. Explore the Umayyad Palace, the Temple of Hercules, and the Archaeological Museum.
  7. Aqaba and the Red Sea: Jordan’s coastal city of Aqaba offers stunning coral reefs and marine life in the Red Sea. It’s a paradise for scuba diving, snorkeling, and water sports enthusiasts.
  8. Dana Biosphere Reserve: This nature reserve offers diverse landscapes, from rugged mountains to canyons and desert. Hike through the Dana Valley and experience the area’s unique flora and fauna.
  9. Mujib Nature Reserve: Explore the dramatic landscapes of this nature reserve, including its canyons and waterfalls. The Siq Trail is a popular option for hiking and canyoneering adventures.
  10. Madaba and the Mosaic Map: Visit the town of Madaba, known for its ancient mosaic map of the Holy Land. The mosaic is located in St. George’s Church and is a fascinating historical and artistic treasure.

These are just a few of the many incredible sightviews in Jordan. The country’s rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality make it a remarkable destination for travelers interested in both cultural exploration and natural beauty.

Classic Jordan Culture and Heritage

An adventure tour to Jordan offers a thrilling and diverse range of activities, allowing you to explore the country’s stunning landscapes, historical sites, and culture while satisfying your sense of adventure. Here’s a sample itinerary for an adventure tour in Jordan:

Day 1: Arrival in Amman

  • Arrive in Amman, the capital of Jordan.
  • Meet your tour guide and fellow adventurers.
  • Explore Amman’s vibrant markets and sample local cuisine.

Day 2: Amman City Tour

  • Visit the Amman Citadel, with its historical ruins and panoramic views.
  • Explore the Roman Theater, one of the largest and most well-preserved theaters of its kind.
  • Overnight stay in Amman.

Day 3: Dana Biosphere Reserve

  • Depart for the Dana Biosphere Reserve, a diverse natural reserve.
  • Enjoy a hike through the Dana Valley, taking in the unique landscapes.
  • Overnight in a local eco-lodge.

Day 4: Petra – The Rose City

  • Travel to Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
  • Explore the Siq, the Treasury (Al-Khazneh), and other archaeological wonders.
  • Overnight stay in Petra.

Day 5: Petra Hiking

  • Hike to the Monastery (Ad-Deir) for panoramic views of Petra.
  • Explore the lesser-visited areas of Petra, such as the High Place of Sacrifice.
  • Overnight stay in Petra.

Day 6: Wadi Rum Desert

  • Drive to Wadi Rum, the Valley of the Moon.
  • Embark on a thrilling 4×4 jeep tour through the desert’s stunning rock formations.
  • Camp under the stars in a traditional Bedouin camp.

Day 7: Wadi Rum Adventure

  • Enjoy more adventures in Wadi Rum, including rock climbing and sandboarding.
  • Take a camel trek through the desert.
  • Overnight stay in Wadi Rum.

Day 8: Aqaba – Red Sea Adventures

  • Head to Aqaba, Jordan’s coastal city on the Red Sea.
  • Spend the day scuba diving or snorkeling to explore the vibrant marine life.
  • Relax on the beach or enjoy water sports.
  • Overnight stay in Aqaba.

Day 9: Dead Sea Relaxation

  • Travel to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth.
  • Float effortlessly in the salty waters and indulge in a mud bath.
  • Enjoy spa treatments and relaxation at a Dead Sea resort.
  • Overnight stay at the Dead Sea.

Day 10: Madaba and Mount Nebo

  • Visit Madaba to see its famous mosaic map of the Holy Land.
  • Explore Mount Nebo, where Moses is said to have seen the Promised Land.
  • Return to Amman for a farewell dinner.

Day 11: Departure

  • Depending on your flight schedule, you may have some free time in Amman for last-minute shopping or exploration.
  • Depart from Amman for your onward journey.

This adventure tour showcases the best of Jordan’s natural beauty, historical sites, and thrilling activities. Keep in mind that this is just a sample itinerary, and tour operators can tailor the trip to your specific interests and preferences. Be sure to check the availability of activities, the level of physical fitness required, and any seasonal considerations when planning your adventure tour to Jordan.

Jordan Hiking Tour – Unveiling Hidden Landscape



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