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Amman in Jordan, as one of the oldest permanently inhabited cities in the world, is an excellent starting point for visiting the Dead Sea, Petra or Wadi Rum. A tour of Egypt and Jordan will give you the opportunity to see the main attractions of both regions and return home with enchanting memories of new and old wonders of the world. Egypt and Jordan Tour Packages will also give you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the history and culture of the region with a visit to the Jordanian capital, which is a unique blend of antiquity and modernity. This 5 Day 6 Day Trip to Jordan is ideal for those looking for longer Jordan tours with healthier experiences.


You will notice that many Jordan tours make Amman your home base and you will be doing one day tours every day before returning to your 4-5 star hotel. Our Jordan tours, from one-day to 13-day tours, will take the country to the top of your wishlist. With Amman’s cosmopolitan cafés, the tranquility of Dana’s Hill, and the historic treasures of Madaba, you can come to Jordan to see the ruins of Petra, but you’ll leave after encountering so much more. They offer reasonably priced Petra tours that show you all the attractions of Jordan and other attractions in and around Petra.


Tours to Jordan are easy to organize as the routes are already well established and I would say the best Petra tours start from Amman, where you will no doubt fly or transit. Tours to Jordan from India can be combined with trips to two neighboring countries, namely Israel and Egypt. Tours to Egypt and Jordan give you the opportunity to see both of these amazing sights, as well as many other exciting attractions along the way.


This trip covers the most important historical sites in the country, including Al Khazneh, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Petra. From glamping in Wadi Rum to snorkeling in Aqaba, from religious sites to historical sites, trips to Jordan have everything. This trip can also explore many religious and historical sites in Jordan.


With Jordan Classical Tours, your visit to Jordan is sure to be special and unrepeatable. Our luxury Jordan tours include the country’s most impressive cultural and natural treasures, as well as visits to local markets and other activities that reflect the Jordanian way of life. It is out of the question if you take the opportunity to plan a customized Egypt and Jordan tour with our expert travel experts.


Today, this country continues to attract a new generation with its vitality and countless pursuits, as well as the vast number of historical and religious sites covered by the best Jordanian tourism. Huge mountains, continuous red sand dunes, salty waters and magnificent archaeological sites; the trip to Jordan will be a series of moments spent in awe. The ancient city of Petra is hidden in the gravel of time, but it has not been forgotten. It is hidden in the red sandstone mountains of southern Jordan.


Western influences (especially in Amman and other major cities) have permeated Jordanian society, so Jordan now combines Arab customs and modern lifestyles. All of these influences are still visible in the ancient ruins, architecture, crafts and art of Jordan. Modern cities filled with worldly citizens, mountainous areas dotted with small villages and deserts inhabited by Bedouin nomads – Jordan has all this diversity and more.


For those embarking on deeper tours of Petra, you will start and end your journey here. Relax at Café Amman’s Café – the perfect place to explore modern Jordan.


Traveling during the summer months (June, July and August) can be challenging for those not used to the heat, so visiting Jordan in the spring and fall is recommended for those looking to avoid higher temperatures. It’s the ultimate way to experience the best of Jordan Estate and our award-winning hospitality.


This can be attributed to the progressive culture of Jordan and the desire to maintain the stability and hospitality of the country for tourists. From a logistics point of view, this makes sense, because this is where the international airport is located, from where most airlines operate, and it is also a great way to find yourself after a long journey and experience the atmosphere of the country for the first time. A common question people ask when planning a trip to Jordan is whether the country is safe.


Unfortunately, the weather is rainy and tomorrow we will be back to work, so we will have to forget about Jordan. You can enjoy an outdoor wine tasting of Chardonnay from the Russian Jordan Valley and Cabernet Sauvignon from the Alexandra Valley of Jordan, as well as a collection of vintage wines from each. Jordan is typically a flat desert plateau, with more than four-fifths of the country’s territory being desert.

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