I received very positive feedback on my previous post with a breakdown by expenses in South Africa, so I thought posting a travel report “How much does it cost to travel to Jordan” would be equally appreciated by those of you who are planning to travel to the Middle East next future. To save you from unpleasant surprises, I decided to share with you a detailed budget breakdown of my expenses for a trip to Jordan. In this guide on how much it costs to travel to Jordan, I break down the costs and show you the best ways to save. In this post, I’ll analyze what I’ve learned about the cost of traveling to Jordan and the economic tips I’ve found that can help you reduce your profits by making an unforgettable trip.


In order to give everyone a clear idea of ​​the prices in Jordan and see how expensive Jordan is, let me explain how much I spent on this trip. While my first trip to Jordan in 2016 was part of a guided tour, I’m now planning a separate return trip that requires you to calculate all the costs of visiting Jordan and find ways to save money.


From how to get there to ticket prices and the best time to visit, this guide will help you plan your trip to Petra. If you want to plan ahead, with transportation and a guide, there are many Petra day trips you can book to visit the site. To make the most of your entry ticket to Petra, plan to spend a full day or even two exploring Petra in Jordan.


There are a number of hotels in Petra should travelers decide to spend a night or two to explore Petra in more detail while hiking. The cost of Petra is cheaper than the daily rate for using one of the more expensive nearby hotels. If you want to stay in Petra for 2 or 3 nights, it will cost you 106 USD and 113 USD respectively.


If you choose a hotel to stay in Jordan, the price goes up to $86. The cost of hotel rooms in Jordan is 0.56 times lower than the average for the United States of America. A night in a mid-range hotel during high season in Jordan costs about $261. If you are traveling alone in Jordan, depending on your expectations, you will pay per night from $24 (17 JOD) for a hostel to $130 (92 JOD) for a luxury hotel.


A trip to Jordan for two for a week costs an average of 1208 JOD (1703 dollars). Our total cost for a week’s stay in Jordan was 1380 JD (1945 USD) for two. Since we only had 1 day for the Petra archaeological site, we bought a Jordan Wanderer so it cost us 140 JD ($200) for two. If you decide to buy a one-day ticket to Petra separately, it will cost you 50 JD (70 USD) per person.


If I had looked in advance for the entrance ticket to Petra and the cost of the trip from Amman to Petra in Jordan, I might not have gone there at all. I have to say that if I had done my research beforehand and knew that visiting these two places would cost $100 more per person, I might not have stayed in Jordan. With how I felt two weeks before arriving in Jordan when we adjusted our travel plans and decided to return home early if I had known it would cost $200 just to see these two attractions (plus $200 for transport), we would probably connect directly and pass everything together. Had we known that the cost of Petra in Jordan plus the cost of the Red Sea rafting combined would have been $100 per person, we might have flown direct and returned to Bali a few days earlier.


I estimate that for a week in Jordan you will need about $2,365 to cover all your expenses; flights, transport, accommodation, food and drink and activities. You should be planning on spending around 86 JOD ($122) per day on your Jordan vacation, which is an average daily price based on spending by other visitors.


Costs in a country can be moderate (for local food such as Mansaf and more basic hotels) or high, such as car rentals and luxury housing. Based on the table above, visiting Jordan alone costs $262-$332 per person per day – the cost will be slightly less for two travelers, since hotel and car rental costs will be separated.


Remember, you can expect to spend between 100 and 200 dinars per person per day for a trip to Jordan, and you can expect to spend between 700 and 1500 dinars per person for a week-long trip. A full experience at a famous attraction like Wadi Rum or Petra costs around $200 and can take three days. What to wear, what to see, how to get there and how much it costs, find all the answers in this guide.