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Jordan Aqaba

Aqaba Diving Tour 5 Days

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Aqaba Diving Tour 5 Days

Aqaba, located in the southern part of Jordan, is a popular destination for diving enthusiasts due to its stunning underwater landscapes and rich marine life in the Red Sea. If you’re interested in going on a diving tour in Aqaba, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Dive Sites: Aqaba offers a variety of dive sites catering to divers of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Some popular dive sites include:
    • Cedar Pride Wreck: This is a famous shipwreck dive site where you can explore the sunken cargo ship, Cedar Pride. It’s home to various marine species and offers an eerie yet fascinating diving experience.
    • Japanese Garden: Known for its vibrant coral formations and colorful marine life, Japanese Garden is a shallow dive site ideal for beginners.
    • Power Station: This site features a series of coral pinnacles and is home to various species of fish, making it a favorite among divers.
    • The Tank: As the name suggests, you’ll find an old military tank underwater at this site, along with a variety of marine life. It’s a unique and memorable dive.
  2. Diving Centers: There are several diving centers in Aqaba that offer diving tours, equipment rental, and certifications. These centers are staffed with experienced instructors and guides who can ensure your safety and provide valuable insights about the underwater world.
  3. Marine Life: The Red Sea is known for its abundance of marine life. While diving in Aqaba, you may encounter colorful coral reefs, schools of fish, turtles, dolphins, and even the occasional shark. It’s a great place for underwater photography.
  4. Visibility: The Red Sea is renowned for its excellent visibility, often exceeding 30 meters (100 feet), which makes it an ideal destination for divers looking to capture the beauty of the underwater world.
  5. Diving Packages: Diving tour packages typically include equipment rental, boat trips to dive sites, and the services of a certified dive guide or instructor. Prices can vary depending on the number of dives and the duration of your tour.
  6. Season: Aqaba’s diving season is year-round, thanks to its warm waters. However, the best time for diving is during the spring and autumn months when the water temperature is comfortable, and visibility is at its best.
  7. Certification: If you’re not a certified diver, many diving centers in Aqaba offer introductory courses and certification programs, allowing you to experience the underwater world safely.

Before booking a diving tour in Aqaba, it’s essential to do some research, check the credentials of the diving center, and ensure they adhere to safety standards. Also, consider your own diving experience and comfort level when choosing dive sites and packages. With its incredible marine biodiversity and beautiful underwater landscapes, Aqaba promises an unforgettable diving experience for enthusiasts of all levels.

Tour Itinerary

  • Arrival time (depends on your flight): We will be awaiting you at Queen Alia A Our representative will safely transfer you to your hotel in Petra.
  • You can be a part of a fascinating Petra night show (Available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday around 8:30 p.m.) (Is Optional).
  • Your dinner and accommodation will be at your hotel in Petra (Overnight Petra). (Contact us) (Visit us)

  • Enjoy breakfast at your hotel in Petra.
  • Your day will start by adventuring through the Petra Seeq (canyon), either on foot or if you choose to travel back in time, on a short horseback journey leading to “Al Khazneh”, known as one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”. Just imagine that the Arab Nabateans, more than 2000 years ago.
  • Enjoy your lunch in
  • Then, heading towards the only coastal city in Jordan “Aqaba”.
  • Your dinner and accommodation will be at your hotel in Aqaba (Overnight Aqaba).

  • Enjoy breakfast at your hotel in Aqaba.
  • Today your dive guide will take you for two dives to explore the underwater colorful life in the Red Sea of Aqaba, including amazing coral reef and spectacular artificial wrecks, the aircraft and the tank. This will be along with Boat trip, lunch, scuba equipment.
  • After that, we will take you to your hotel where you can rest or enjoy relaxing on the beach under the sun-shine.
  • Then to your accommodation where you will enjoy dinner at your hotel in Aqaba. (Overnight Aqaba)

  • Enjoy breakfast at your hotel in Aqaba.
  • Afterwards, you will be heading towards “The Valley of the Moon” Wadi Rum: One of the most picturesque deserts in the world, renowned as a filming location, in movies such as “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Transformers”, “The Martian”, “Rouge One”, “Aladdin”, “Dune” etc.
  • Here, your adventure will also include a 2-hour Jeep Safari, enjoying the naturally multi-colored canyons, Lawrence of Arabia’s house, the Sandstone Mountains and the dunes of Wadi Rum.
  • Experience life of an Arab Bedouin, by riding the desert camel and discovering magical, breath-taking landscapes. (Is Optional).
  • The sunset over Wadi Rum is beautiful and serene. The slanting rays of the setting sun give a warm orange tinge to the sky over the beautiful desert.
  • You will be able to relax for a few hours stargazing: this is a magical way to bring science alive and experience the beauty of our natural world during the dark of night. (Is Optional).
  • Your day will continue with a drive towards the lowest point on earth: where you will enjoy the panoramic view over the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and Hebron.
  • You will have the rest of the day to relax and unwind, enjoy just floating, or pampering yourself with the Dead Sea Mud.
  • Then to your accommodation where you will enjoy dinner at your hotel.  (Overnight Dead Sea).

  • Enjoy breakfast at your hotel in Dead Sea.
  • Depending on your flight time, we will transfer you few hours earlier from your hotel to the Airport for your departure.

Basic Information

private Tour
Departure Time
03.00 Pm GMT
Return Time
8.00 AM GMT
  • 1 Night in Petra in a 3* hotel accommodation
  • 1 Night wildlife camping in Wadi Rum
  • All Transportation (Pick up & Drop off)
  • English Speaking Driver
  • Local Tour Guide in Petra (If your group is more than 5 people)
  • Local Tour Guide in Wadi Rum
  • Breakfast x 2
  • Lunch x 1 at Wadi Rum
  • Dinner x 1 at Wadi Rum
  • 1 Hour Camel Ride at Wadi Rum
  • 4 Hour Jeep Tour at Wadi Rum
  • Free Mineral Water is ONLY provided in transportation vehicles
  • Driver Accomodation and his expenses (Fuel, Parking fees, cleaning…etc). Petra & Wadi Rum Wildlife
Not Included
  • Airfare From & Back To Your Country
  • Airport Transfers ( Optional)
  • Personal insurance & Expenses
  • Entrance Fees (around 77 USD per person)
  • Petra by Night Show ( 24 USD )
  • All kinds of tips
  • Any Not Mentioned Under Included

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