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Hiking Tour in Canyons of Jordan 9 Days

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Tour Details

Hiking Tour in Canyons of Jordan

Tour Itinerary

  • Upon Arrival you will be greeted at Queen Alia Airport by one of our representatives who will directly transfer you to your hotel in Dead Sea. It takes around 1 hour from the airport to the hotel.
  • The Dead Sea is Earth’s lowest elevation on land and the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world. Its seemingly harsh environment does not permit the flourishment of any plant or animals but on the other hand, it has extremely healthy & beneficial properties that attracted visitors for hundreds of years; and today it will supply you with natural mud that you can spread on your skin skincare products to shame. The Dead Sea mud and Dead Sea Balneotherapy have been found to be beneficial in (for) many diseases.
  • Enjoy a lovely welcoming dinner at your hotel (Overnight in Dead Sea)

  • Enjoy breakfast at your hotel in Dead Sea.
  • Starting early at 6:00 am, we’ll be heading to Wadi Dana. Dana is Jordan’s largest natural reserve built in 1989 and there you can discover the beautiful nature hidden in that canyon.
  • At Dana village you’ll begin one of the great walks in Jordan – a magnificent full-day walk right down the Wadi Dana, starting at the village some 1200m above sea level and finishing in the desert lowlands at Feynan. A broad dirt track leads west from the village, dropping steeply at first and then descending more gently through the valley. This is a wild landscape but not an uninhabited one: there are Bedouin shepherds out with their goats, and you may well be invited to rest and drink sweet tea with them.
  • Towards the end of the trail you pass the shafts of abandoned Roman copper mines, before arriving at the sanctuary of the Feynan eco-lodge. The duration of this hiking trail is around 5 – 7 hours / About 14KM.
  • Then to your accommodation where you will enjoy dinner at your lodge in Feynan. (Overnight in Feynan)

  • Enjoy breakfast at your hotel in Feynan.
  • At 8:00 am a 4×4 Jeep will transfer you from the Lodge to Dana Village. We will then be heading to our next point, Petra. Classified as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Petra was carved out of the rocky formations in Jordan’s southern desert by the Nabateans over 2000 years ago.
  • Head towards Little Petra, named after the main site due to its similarities. It is thought to have been an important suburb of Petra and is entered through a narrow opening, similar to Siq but of a much smaller scale. The site includes tombs, temples, water channels and cisterns carved out of the rock as well as the remains of frescoes on plaster.
  • You’ll end the day’s journey in a camp in Little Petra, where you might attend Petra’s night show (available (every) Monday, Wednesday & Thursday around 8:30 pm): a fascinating experience to be had (enjoyed or seen). (Optional)
  • Your dinner and accommodation for the night will be at your camp in Little Petra. (Overnight in Little Petra)

  • Enjoy breakfast at your camp in Little Petra.
  • Start your hiking trail at 8:00 am by heading to Kharrubat al-Fajja, which is 50 meters west of the main road to Beidha, and ends at Ad-Deir. The beginning of this trail is easy, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the area and the mountain views overlooking Wadi Araba as you walk.
  • After another hour the trail descends towards Petra and opens onto one of the city’s most impressive sights: the immense rock-cut façade of ad Deir, the Monastery. You can rest and drink tea here, and explore the ruins, before following the stone steps of a Nabataean processional way down into the heart of Petra.
  • Stop at the Treasury, (Al Khazneh), the magnificent façade that made Petra one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is almost 40 meters high and intricately decorated with Corinthian capitals, friezes, figures and more.
  • Finishing off through the main siq (canyon) for the classic entry into the city.
  • Then to your accommodation where you will enjoy dinner(Overnight in Petra)

  • Enjoy breakfast at your hotel in Petra.
  • Head towards “The Valley of the Moon” Wadi Rum: One of the most picturesque deserts in the world, renowned as a filming location, in movies such as “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Transformers”, “The Martian”, “Rouge One”, “Aladdin”, “Dune” etc.
  • Here, your adventure will also include a 2-hour Jeep Safari, enjoying (savoring) the naturally multi-colored canyons, Lawrence of Arabia’s house, the Sandstone Mountains, and the dunes of Wadi Rum.
  • Experience life of an Arab Bedouin, by riding the desert camel and discovering magical, breath-taking landscapes. (Optional).
  • The sunset over Wadi Rum is beautiful and serene. The slanting rays of the setting sun (setting) gives a warm orange tinge to the sky (horizon) over the beautiful (serene) desert.
  • You will be able to relax for a few hours stargazing: this is a magical way to bring science alive and experience the beauty of our natural world (world’s nature) during the dark of night (or Nightlife) (Optional).
  • Finally, you’ll reach the Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp, located inside the protected area, where you can sit back, relax or even meditate, away from the city noise.
  • You’ll end your day with a Barbecue Dinner and (your accommodation for the night will be in Wadi Rum.)

  • Enjoy breakfast at your camp in Wadi Rum.
  • Start your hiking trip by taking a Jeep to Umm Ad Dami Mountain (About 2 hours and 30 minutes drive). The Jeep will stop at the base of the mountain where the hiking begins.
  • Umm Ad Dami is the highest mountain in Jordan and sits on the border with Saudi Arabia. From the peak, you can enjoy stunning views over the rugged desert of Rum and southern Saudi Arabia, and on a clear day, see the Red Sea and port city, Aqaba! It is not a technically difficult mountain but it is a long hike with little shade, so it’s wise to cover up and wear plenty sunscreen.
  • This mountainous hike takes will take between 4 – 5 hours.
  • Then back to your accommodation where you will enjoy a barbecue dinner. (Overnight in Wadi Rum)

  • Enjoy your breakfast at your camp in Wadi Rum.
  • Head off in the jeeps for a short drive to Burdah Rock Bridge, one of Rum’s most impressive geological formations (About 1-hour drive).
  • Different tracks lead to the Burdah rock bridge. The easiest, but also moderately difficult is on the north of the mountain. It is one of the most rewarding climbs in all of Wadi Rum desert. The climb can be done by anyone who is reasonable fit. Standing or sitting on the Burdah Rock Bridge, you will enjoy the absolutely stunning views over the yellow and red desert and its mountains. The duration of the hike around 3 hours.
  • After ascending the mountain, you’ll be heading back again to the camp area where you will be taken to your next destination.
  • Then to your accommodation where you will enjoy dinner at your hotel in Amman. (Overnight in Amman)

  • Enjoy breakfast at your hotel in Amman.
  • At 8:00 am your tour will start off by going to the ancient city of Jerash (a 45-minute drive from Amman): a site filled with monuments like the “Hippodrome” which was once a bustling spectacular arena for chariot races. The oval forum and cardo that is known as the “colonnaded street”. The sanctuary of Zeus and many more.
    • Around 11:30 pm you will be heading towards Ajloun for the rest of the day, where you can start by a cable car. The ride is 10-minute long where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding mountainous areas.
    • Visit next the Ajloun citadel: a 12th century Muslim Castle, which is situated atop the mountain.
    • At the end of the day, we’ll be heading back to Amman for your farewell Dinner and an Overnight stay (Overnight in Amman)

  • Enjoy breakfast at your hotel in Amman
  • Depending on your flight time, we will transfer you few hours earlier from your hotel to the Airport for your departure.

Basic Information


Departure Time
03.00 Pm GMT
Return Time
8.00 AM GMT
  • 1 Night in Petra in a 3* hotel accommodation
  • 1 Night wildlife camping in Wadi Rum
  • All Transportation (Pick up & Drop off)
  • English Speaking Driver
  • Local Tour Guide in Petra (If your group is more than 5 people)
  • Local Tour Guide in Wadi Rum
  • Breakfast x 2
  • Lunch x 1 at Wadi Rum
  • Dinner x 1 at Wadi Rum
  • 1 Hour Camel Ride at Wadi Rum
  • 4 Hour Jeep Tour at Wadi Rum
  • Free Mineral Water is ONLY provided in transportation vehicles
  • Driver Accomodation and his expenses (Fuel, Parking fees, cleaning…etc). Petra & Wadi Rum Wildlife
Not Included
  • Airfare From & Back To Your Country
  • Airport Transfers ( Optional)
  • Personal insurance & Expenses
  • Entrance Fees (around 77 USD per person)
  • Petra by Night Show ( 24 USD )
  • All kinds of tips
  • Any Not Mentioned Under Included

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