Jordan Islamic Tour - 6 Days

Jordan Islamic Tour


The Jordan Islamic Trip is a Tour of 6 days intended for individuals wishing to visit Jordan’s most religious sites from an Islamic point of view. So if you wish to deepen your knowledge about the History of Islam or just get to know Jordan this is your best choice.


Our representative will be awaiting you at Queen Alia airport and we will safely transfer you within one hour to your hotel in Amman.

  • Breakfast at your hotel in Amman.
  • Then your tour will start off by going to Amman’s Citadel. Which is situated on a “mountain” in central Amman. Known for being one of the oldest continuously inhabited places. This first stop will give you a glimpse over the capital before going to Amman-Downtown. Known as “Al-Balad” by the locals. Where you will get to see the different & various markets and ancient Souks. Ending this tour will be the visit of the most obvious and impressive remnant of its Roman past. The Roman theater that was built at the time Amman was known as “Philadelphia” (around 106AD).
  • We will then make you visit the cave of the “seven sleepers”. The story of these 7 sleepers is known in Christian and Muslim traditions. The story happened in 250. And is about a group of youths who fled religious persecution from the city of Ephesus by hiding in the cave and reemerged 300 years later!!!
  • Then we will transfer you to Mount Nebo. There you’ll have a view over the Jordan Valley, the hills of Jerusalem & the Dead Sea.
  • Finally we will be back at your hotel in Amman, giving you time to rest well.
  • After having your breakfast at the hotel, we will visit the claimed tomb of Prophet Shuaib. Which is located in the Balqa region. Shuaib is known to be one of the few Arabian Prophets mentioned in the Qur’an.
  • Then we’ll take you visit the Shrine of Abu Ubaidah. Known for being one of the Companions of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (-pbuh-).
  • Our last stop will be in Ajloun. Where we will visit The Castle of Ajloun. Which is a 12th century Muslim Castle situated in northwestern Jordan.
  • Finally we will be back at your hotel in Amman, giving you time rest well.
  • Enjoy your breakfast at your hotel in Amman. Afterwards, we will take you all the way down to the lowest point on Earth. The Dead Sea is where you will heal your body thanks to the unique properties this place harbors. The mud, the water, the air even the people who adapted to the life around that Sea is nowhere to be found around the Globe. So be sure to take this moment to try everything that the Dead Sea has to offer. You will spend the night at the Dead Sea.
  • Our next stop will be at Al-Karak. A city known for the Kerak Castle (aka Crusader castle). Which is one of the three largest castles in the region (the other two are in Syria). This monument was built by the Crusaders around 1133. And has always been valued for having such a strategic positioning. Just go see the view you’ll have from up there!
  • Afterwards we will be going to Mu’tah. A town in the Karak region. Known for the “Battle of Mu’tah” in 629 CE. Which was the first military engagement the Muslim Arabs and the Byzantine Empire. We will make you visit there the tombs of Zaid bin Harithah, Ja’far bin Abi Talib and Abdullah bin Ruwahah.
  • You will have the opportunity at night to witness Petra’s night show (available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday). An unforgettable experience to have once in your lifetime.
  • You will have an early breakfast at your hotel in Petra.
  • On this day we will take you on an adventure thru the “Petra Seeq” (the canyon). You will have the options to either go on foot or enjoy a short horse ride to reach “Al Khazneh” (the treasury), this amazing monument is listed in the seven wonders of the world, so there is no doubt that you will be taken back in history once you stand in front of the 2000-year-old treasury.
  • Head back to Amman
  • Your accommodation for this night will be at your hotel in Amman.

Our representative will be taking you within one hour to Queen Alia Airport for your departure at any time during the day.

-5 Nights accommodation in 3 Star Hotels

-All transportation (pick up & drop off)

-English speaking driver

-Tour guide (If the group is more than 5 people)

-Breakfast x 5

-Lunch x 1 at the Dead Sea

-Swimming Fees at Dead Sea

-Free Mineral Water is ONLY provided in transportation vehicles

-Driver Accomodation and his expenses (Fuel, Parking fees, cleaning…etc)

-Airfare From & Back to your Country

-Travel Insurance and personal expenses

-Entrance fees (around 115 USD Per Person )

-Petra by Night Show (24 USD)

-Any Kind of Tips

-Any Not Mentioned Under Included


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