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Jordan’s Luxury Tour – Petra and Beyond

8 Days 7 Nights

Tour Details

Jordan’s Luxury Tour – Petra and Beyond is an extraordinary journey through Jordan’s diverse landscapes and rich heritage on our comprehensive luxury tour. Certainly, Over the course of this unforgettable expedition, you will uncover the hidden treasures and timeless wonders of Ma’in Hot Springs, the Dead Sea, Dana Village, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Amman, Ajloun, as well Jerash.

Firstly, Our adventure commences at Ma’in Hot Springs, an oasis of tranquility in the midst of the desert. Here, you’ll soak in the therapeutic thermal waters while surrounded by dramatic cliffs and waterfalls. This serene start sets the tone for the opulence that lies ahead.

Secondly, we head to the world-renowned Dead Sea, where you’ll experience the unparalleled buoyancy of its mineral-rich waters. Relax at luxurious resorts, indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, and bask in the serenity of this natural wonder.

As we journey southward, Dana Village beckons with its traditional charm and pristine landscapes. Immerse yourself in the local culture, dine on authentic Jordanian cuisine, and explore the Dana Biosphere Reserve, home to diverse wildlife and breathtaking vistas.

No visit to Jordan is complete without witnessing the iconic rose-red city of Petra. Marvel at its intricate rock-cut architecture, including the famous Treasury, as our expert guides reveal the secrets of this ancient wonder.

Venturing further into the desert, we arrive at Wadi Rum, a surreal wilderness of towering sandstone mountains and endless dunes. Engage in thrilling desert adventures, ride camels, and enjoy stargazing in the comfort of luxurious desert camps.

Our tour then takes you to the coastal gem of Aqaba, where pristine beaches and vibrant marine life await. Snorkel or dive in the Red Sea’s crystal-clear waters, or simply unwind at luxurious beachfront resorts.

In Jordan’s capital, Amman, we will take you to explore the juxtaposition of modernity and tradition. also you’ll be visiting historic sites, shop at bustling markets, and savor delectable cuisine in the city’s top-notch restaurants.

Throughout this grand expedition, our travelers enjoy luxury accommodations, gourmet cuisine highlighting Jordanian flavors, and private guides.

They benefit from seamless transportation for a worry-free experience. This tour combines natural beauty, historical significance, and modern comfort.

It culminates as the ultimate exploration of Jordan’s diverse and captivating attractions, ensuring cherished memories.

At the end, our adventure “Jordan’s Luxury Tour – Petra and Beyond” promises experiences that defy the ordinary. With luxury accommodations, expert guides, and a touch of magic, this journey through Jordan is nothing short of enchanting.”

Tour Itinerary

  • Upon Arrival, you will be greeted at Queen Alia Airport.
  • Your driver will directly transfer you to your luxury hotel at Ma’in.
  • You’ll be at the Ma’in Hot Springs which are a series of mineral rich springs and spectacular waterfalls in a surprisingly green oasis, where you will stay for the night.
  • The day is flexible for you to relax under the waterfalls. You can choose to have a massage or a natural massage under the hot springs. A sauna and a steam room or a simple meditation room will be available
  • Your dinner and accommodation will be at your luxury hotel in Ma’in. (Overnight Ma’in)

  • Enjoy breakfast at your luxury hotel in Ma’in.
  • Heading towards the lowest point on earth: where you will enjoy the panoramic view over the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and Hebron.
  • Enjoy Lunch at Dead Sea Panorama Luxury Restaurant.
  • Next step is a drive until we reach Madaba: a city known for the mosaic map of the Holy Land, which dates back to the 6th century, preserved in the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George.
  • Then, we will be heading towards your next stop, Mount Nebo, here you will ponder over the stunning views of the Jordan Valley, the hills of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.
  • Heading back towards Dead Sea, you will have the rest of the day to relax and unwind, enjoy just floating, or pampering yourself with the Dead Sea Mud.
  • Then to your accommodation where you will enjoy dinner at your luxury hotel in Dead Sea. (Overnight Dead Sea)

  • Enjoy breakfast at your luxury hotel in Dead Sea.
  • Heading towards Dana, explore the old village of Dana 6 hundred years old, and stopped for 50 minutes on the view point to see the wild life there.
  • Then, trekking thru Dana’s natural reserve. Jordan’s largest natural reserve built in 1989. And you can discover the beautiful nature hidden in that canyon. (Guided)
  • You’ll end the day’s journey in Petra, where you will have the opportunity to attend Petra by Night Show (available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday). An unforgettable experience to be a part of.
  • Your dinner and accommodation for the night will be at your luxury hotel in Petra. (Overnight Petra)

  • Enjoy breakfast at your luxury hotel in Petra.
  • Your day will start by adventuring through the Petra Seeq (canyon), either on foot or if you choose to travel back in time, on a short horseback journey leading to “Al Khazneh”, known as one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”. Just imagine that the Arab Nabateans, more than 2000 years ago.
  • Enjoy your lunch at Petra.
  • Afterwards, you will be heading towards “The Valley of the Moon” Wadi Rum: One of the most picturesque deserts in the world, renowned as a filming location, in movies such as “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Transformers”, “The Martian”, “Rouge One”, “Aladdin”, “Dune” etc.
  • Your adventure will include a 2-hour Jeep Safari, enjoying the naturally multi-colored canyons, Lawrence of Arabia’s house, the Sandstone Mountains and the dunes of Wadi Rum.
  • The sunset over Wadi Rum is beautiful and serene. The slanting rays of the setting sun give a warm orange tinge to the sky over the beautiful desert.
  • You will be able to relax for a few hours stargazing: this is a magical way to bring science alive and experience the beauty of our natural world during the dark of night.
  • Then to your accommodation where you will enjoy a barbecue dinner at your luxury camp. (Overnight Wadi Rum)

  • Enjoy your breakfast at your luxury camp in Wadi Rum.
  • Experience life of an Arab Bedouin, by riding the desert camel and discovering magical, breath-taking landscapes.
  • Then, heading towards the only coastal city in Jordan “Aqaba”. Start your preferred activities, relaxing on the beach or here in Aqaba where you can diving, Yacht Ride, snorkeling to see the colorful life under the water of Red Sea or diving for the wreck sites.
  • Your accommodation and dinner will be at your luxury hotel in Aqaba. (Overnight Aqaba)

  • Enjoy breakfast at your luxury hotel in Aqaba.
  • Heading Towards Amman.
  • Exploring Amman Citadel, which is located on a mountain in central Amman, where you can enjoy a magical view of the city, you will be able to discover Jordan’s capital and walk through the footsteps of several civilizations. Each one leaving behind ancient ruins, the city is a lively combination of ancient and modern, with breath-taking views and the best places to stuff yourself with savory falafel, shop for souvenirs in the winding souks known as “Al- Balad” by the locals. As well as having the chance to visit the Roman’s impressive monument.
  • Back to your accommodation at your luxury hotel in Amman, where you will enjoy dinner. (Overnight Amman)

  • Enjoy breakfast at your luxury hotel in Amman.
  • We will be heading towards Ajloun, where you will visit Ajloun citadel: a 12th century Muslim Castle, which is situated atop the mountain.
  • After that, riding the Cable Car at Ajloun to enjoy the stunning views of Ajloun Forests.
  • Then, exploring the ancient city of Jerash: a site filled with monuments like the “Hippodrome” which was once a bustling spectacular arena for chariot races. The oval forum and cardo that is known as the “colonnaded street”. The sanctuary of Zeus and many more.
  • Return to Amman and Have Lunch in a fancy restaurant.
  • Back to your accommodation at your luxury hotel in Amman. (Overnight Amman)

  • Enjoy breakfast at your luxury hotel in Amman.
  • Depending on your flight time, we will transfer you few hours earlier from your hotel to the Airport for your departure.

Basic Information

private Tour
Departure Time
8:00 AM
Return Time
8.00 PM
  • Free of Charge Tourist Visa to Jordan
  • Full Assistance with Airport Immigration
  • All Transportations (Pick-Ups & Drop off)
  • Modern vehicle for above itinerary
  • English speaking driver (Provides full assistance and general information - outside the sites since he is not a guide)
  • Free mineral water during the transfers
  • Accommodation in five stars Hotels
  • Daily breakfast
  • Lunch at Dead Sea Panorama Restaurant
  • Guided tour in Dana Village & Dana Natural Reserve
  • Guided Tour in Petra
  • Lunch in Petra
  • One Hour Camel ride in Wadi Rum
  • Two Hours Jeep tour in Wadi Rum
  • Stargazing experience in Wadi Rum
  • Barbecue dinner party at Wadi Rum Camp/Vegetarian food upon request
  • Wadi Rum Luxury Camp for Overnight (Air-Conditioned, Heated, Private W.C.)
  • Red Sea tour in Triple Yacht, including Snorkeling, and lunch
  • Lunch at fancy Restaurant in Amman on Day 7
Not Included
  • Airfare From/To Your Country
  • Personal travel insurance & expenses
  • Entrance fees for tourist’s sites
  • Tips for Guide & Driver
  • Any not mentioned under included

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