Petra And Wadi Rum Tours

Petra And Wadi Rum Tours


However, during our tour of Wadi Rum, we saw amazing ancient carvings and spectacular sites such as the Lawrence Spring, Hasali Canyon, Anfisha Inscriptions, Lawrence House, Little Arch, Um Fruit stone bridge and Red Sand Dunes. We took a 2 hour private tour with a local guide who took us through many of Petra’s key attractions. Our guide, Nad, gave us an amazing excursion and then gave us the opportunity to explore Petra on our own for a few more hours.


After the tour, you can spend some free time exploring Petra at your own pace. After exploring Petra’s little sister, we went further to southern Jordan and enjoyed an exciting 4×4 jeep tour of the Wadi Rum Desert. This two-hour thrilling journey will take us through the arid landscape of the Middle East and admire its magnificent natural rock formations and brightly colored sands. We will drive through the vast and picturesque desert valleys on an off-road jeep tour, giving you the ultimate experience of this lunar landscape, red sand dunes, tall weathered rock cliffs and desert animals.


After the jeep ride, we will have lunch at a local restaurant, then return to the border crossing at Allenby Bridge and arrive in Tel Aviv late in the evening. This 4-day tour includes two nights half board in Petra, including breakfast and dinner.


In addition, during our 2-day private tour, you will have the opportunity to spend one night under the stars and enjoy Bedouin cuisine and cultural nights. In order to make your travel more convenient, we will provide you with an air-conditioned car and an English-speaking driver who will help you explore the stone buildings of Petra, drive to Wadi Rum in a four-wheel drive, and stop at the coast of Aqaba. Enjoy minerals-effectively enriched with Dead Sea mud. Therefore, you can explore the real Jordan in the best way. Our Jordan Private Tours has designed a 2-day private tour of Petra, Wadi Rum, the Red Sea and the Dead Sea for you.


The third day of this trip will be spent in the exquisite desert landscape of Wadi Rum, with little human influence. The first day of the tour starts from the southern part of the kingdom to Petra, which is the Nabataean city of red roses and is also considered one of the wonders of the world. It was the capital of the Nabataean Empire, and a nomadic Arab built the city in a valley in southern Jordan.


Today it is popular to stop at a Bedouin camp when visiting Petra, where visitors stay in permanent Bedouin-style tents in the desert. Visitors to Wadi Rum today can certainly find amenities such as air conditioning and stylish décor without losing the typical desert camping experience. Many people visit Wadi Rum on a multi-day guided tour, however if you are traveling on your own it is relatively easy to get there from key locations including Aqaba, Amman and Petra.


Wadi Rum is located about 112 km from Wadi Musa, the closest village to Petra, so you can definitely travel between the two. Plus, there is no shortage of taxis ready to take visitors between the two attractions, and a one-way trip to Wadi Rum from Petra will cost you about 40 Jordanian dinars and take between two and two and a half hours. In addition, a minibus runs daily between Wadi Musa and Petra. There are many tours that will take you from Israel to Petra in 1-2 days.


I chose the trip to Abraham because I really want to see Petra and Wadi Rum desert. I need a trip that can see these places and take us back and forth from Tel Aviv. We chose the 3-day Jordan Group Tour. We departed from Rome for 2 days, flew to Tel Aviv, Israel, stayed in Israel for 8 days, and then took a 3-day guided tour of Jordan. There is no better start than our half-day trip to Petra.


One of my favorite days in Jordan was when we started a private tour of Petra, and finally watched a stargazing show in the Wadi Rum Desert late at night. Finally, our stay in Wadi Rum – a jeep tour, overnight stay in a Bedouin tent and a rum starry gaze show – made the day truly memorable. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to, and this day was my favorite day of our entire journey.


It was an absolutely fantastic and fun way to explore this beautiful part of the world. Firstly, it was a day filled with beautiful scenery moment by moment. I will not discuss these topics anymore in this blog, I will just say that we loved these tours and experiences.


After considering this incredible location, enjoy some free time and explore at your own pace. While in Wadi Rum, enjoy an exciting jeep safari tour during the cool time of the day-this is the best time to take photos at magical moments.


Camp breakfast, 1.5 hours drive to Petra, start to visit the “City of Red Roses”. After breakfast, drive about 2.5 hours to Jordan’s biggest attraction-the pink and red city Petra. Breakfast, and then about 3 hours drive to reach the lowest point of the earth Dead Sea beach.


Later we will find a shady place to enjoy a picnic lunch and Bedouin tea. After the break, we will continue to drive the jeep through the Lawrence Palace.


The next day, after breakfast, we will take a short tour of Wadi Rum in a 4X4 jeep in brownish, reddish and golden colors. Arriving at Ram village in a nature reserve, we board a 4X4 jeep accompanied by professional Bedouin drivers and head towards the Wadi Rum sandstone.


Here we travel off-road with its unique landscape and off the beaten path to explore ancient, rarely used trade routes. You will have a full guided tour of the ancient red city, including all the famous landmarks. After a well-deserved break at the archaeological site (we suggest you book a picnic at the hotel, as lunch is not included in the tour), we will continue our acquaintance with the fascinating history of this place by visiting the ruins of Petra. Theater and the impressive Deir Monastery.


Drive south to the enchanting Wadi Rum Desert, the largest desert in Jordan and one of the most impressive desert landscapes in the world. Arrival in Jordan (probably Amman) and first entertainment (possibly Petra). Drive to Wadi Rum village (taxi or other, see below). Pay 5 Jordanian dinars for the Wadi Rum Protected Area at the Visitor Center in Ram Village. Someone from your camp will pick you up and take you to the camp.

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