Private Tour Of Jordan

Private Tour Of Jordan


Jordanmw will take you from Amman, Wadi Rum, Dana Biosphere Reserve, Kerak castle, Jerash ruins, Aqaba of Red Sea as well the incredibly known place for its therapeutic benefits the also deepest point on Earth  “Dead Sea”. you’re experience isn’t limited to just vising the World’s craziest attractions ever, but also smelling a new Oxygen in the Vibrant City of Amman, where World’s class service met up with strong old school culture, Jordanians are the happiest people of Arabs, because we got just the most affordable food worldwide, Amman offers tons of Coffehouses, Restaurants both American style, Arabic food, Far Eastern, and lot of Italian. on the other hand, Jordan is Considered the center of hope for all who comes from neighboring countries for work, live life, and just Enjoy the most peaceful country on Earth.  Jordanian’s have deep faith in God and the sense that you’re going to feel just right when your flight landed, is Amazing, Jasmines and House plants right around everywhere. nothing to compare with, you walk on Amman’s streets at 11pm feeling safe and happy, so peaceful country, here’s what I’ve added up in this article to make it shaped better for new comers, don’t mess out the chance of contacting us through the hoover buttons on screen, leave a review and stay in touch for a better packages, your satisfaction is what we looking for, thanks for choosing Jordan MW as part of Trip500 local tour operator.


Jordan Group Tour

The second reason you should consider a private tour guide in Jordan is that they can cater for special situations that may not always be accommodated in group tours. A private guide in Jordan can offer experiences that newcomers to Jordan might not think of. For starters, planning can get overwhelming in Jordan, and hiring a private guide takes the guesswork out of planning the best itinerary.

Group Tour to Jordan – Petra and Wadi Rum

No one knows a good itinerary better than a local Jordanian guide who visits Jordan every day. I’ve seen a lot of bad itineraries, both from tour operators (who usually never take tours) and from people who planned their own visit to the country but didn’t plan it right. We know it can be difficult to plan the perfect private trip from Israel to Jordan and Petra.

Jordan adventure Tour – Desert Thrills

We also offer specialty tours such as 10-day tours to Jordan  of our favorite international tours include our 10-day Jordan package , Jordan, Dubai and Abu Dhabi package. As an example of a group itinerary focused only on Jordan, our Jordan 10-day package is a complete tour of Jordan. To learn more about Jordan, including more modern landmarks and other ancient sights, our 3-day Jordan tours from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv cover a wider range of incredible destinations.

Petra Unveiled – A Thrilling Adventure

Or dive deep into Jordan’s most unique and popular attractions on our 3-day Petra and Wadi Rum tour from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Join us on a group tour of Jordan to discover these treasures and more, celebrate the New Year in the desert, or experience something unusual on our selection of private tours. All Osiris Tours Jordan luxury tours include a stop in Petra, an ancient Nabatean city listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. Any trip to Jordan should include a visit to the stunning Nabatean city of Petra, one of the wonders of the world.

Diving Tour in Jordan – Aqaba Aquatic Treasures

During your holiday in Jordan, you can visit the ancient city of Petra, built many centuries ago by the Nabataeans. On a private tour with your guide and driver, explore extraordinary Petra, an ancient city in the Jordanian desert where temples and tombs are carved into the pink stone of the canyon walls. During your private tour of Jordan, you will explore Petra.

Zuwwadeh Restaurant
Zuwwadeh Restaurant

After breakfast, enjoy a 2-hour tour of Petra. These group tours offer stunning views of the famous facades of this Nabatean city and can be modified to suit your personal experience. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays you can take a candlelight tour of the ancient city, which the hotel can help arrange.

Ocean Sea Food Almadina munawara street


and right after that, you just run toward Habibah sweets milt your heart with Kenafa from Habibah, check this out:

Kunafa Mabrooma
Coarse Kunafa
Coarse Kunafa
Fine Kunafa
Fine Kunafa


Deep Blue Jordan: Scuba Diving Escapes

Behind the scenes, your private guide will take care of the itinerary and logistics while you enjoy your Jordan adventure. The following tours only include a guide and a car to give you an idea of ​​how much it will cost you to have a licensed guide in Jordan. Local guides in Jerash, Petra and other locations (if any) are licensed by the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism and are not part of our team. You can meet some of my favorite guides in Jordan and other destinations on the Travel Guides page.

Jordan Hiking Tour – Unveiling Hidden Landscape

Private taxi drivers and chauffeurs are willing to offer “guide” services, but usually do not have a guide license (or do the trip without driving a car). Because Jordan Select Tours employs only the most knowledgeable and courteous drivers and guides, and hotel rates are the most competitive, customers who join our private tours in Jordan are confident they will receive the best service and value for money when they book. trips with us. . Golden Gate Tours & Travel offers hotel reservations at the best guaranteed rates, private airport pickups and transfers throughout Jordan, meeting and assisting guests at all Jordan airports and crossings upon arrival and departure.

Jordan Trekking Tour – Desert to Mountains

Upon arrival at Amman Queen Alia Airport, you can transfer from the airport to your hotel in Amman and be greeted to begin your trip to Jordan. In Jordan, a private tour includes your guide, driver, airport transfers, and more, all tailored to your specific interests and budget. Our independent staff can be tailored to your liking and can start and end any day of the week.

Classic Jordan Culture and Heritage

Jordan is surrounded by ancient monuments, nature reserves and beach resorts, which you will experience by taking a private tour of the ancient Arabian Peninsula from Jordan. Come and enjoy the wonders of Jordan; from being surrounded by stunning natural beauty, to exploring historic ancient sites, tasting the dishes that make you want, and experiencing a culture rooted in centuries of tradition. Explore the beauty of Jordan at your own pace with the help of a knowledgeable and caring guide dedicated to making your stay in Jordan unforgettable.

Trip to Jordan Short and Sweet

Romantic Jordan is teeming with historical treasures, and on an A&K; holiday here, you can explore iconic sites, including the magnificent Petra, in unrivaled comfort and style. Explore Jordan’s deserts, coastline and archaeological sites on a tour of Jordan with a local guide who wants to show you the best of his picturesque homeland. After the walking tour, free time to visit the Petra Museum and lunch at your own expense, return to Amman.

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