The Capital Amman



Amman, the capital of Jordan, is a modern city with numerous ancient ruins. The city has two distinct parts. The urbane Western Amman, with leafy residential districts, cafes, bars, modern malls and art galleries. And then you have the earthy Eastern Amman, where it’s easier to sense the more traditional and conservative pulse of the capital. At the heart of the city is the famous labyrinth, ‘downtown Amman’. At the bottom of the city’s many hills, and overlooked by the Citadel, you will find spectacular Roman ruins. This magnificently restored theater is the most obvious and impressive remnant of Roman Philadelphia. It is the highlight of Amman for most foreign visitors. The theater itself is cut into the northern side of a hill, and has a seating capacity of 6000. Finally, don’t forget the Rainbow Street. Which offers great shopping opportunities for those looking to score local and handmade goods.

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