Jordanmw is a full-service tour operator and one of Jordan’s leading tour operators. Jordanmw Adventures is a Jordanian local inbound tour operator (DMC) specializing in adventure travel. Jordanmw offers individual and group tours for travelers with a short stopover in the port city. There are many travel agencies that offer tours from Aqaba to Petra; most of them offer day or night tours to make it easier for travelers from Aqaba to see Petra even if they are pressed for time. (Jordanian Tour Company)


Alternatively, if you’re pressed for time and looking for a convenient way to visit the site of Petra, Jordan, choose from a variety of day trip packages from Jordan’s capital, Amman and coastal resorts, including transportation and entrance fees Aqaba. There are many Jordan tour options, including Petra and Wadi Rum tours from the capital Amman, Petra tours from Aqaba, or Jordan Highlights 3-Day Tour. On this tour you won’t see most of Jordan, but you will see the main sights of Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea. A trip to Jordan is easy to arrange as the route is already established and I would say the best trip to the ancient city of Petra starts from Amman where you will no doubt fly or transit. (Jordanian Tour Company)


Any trip to Jordan must include a visit to the stunning Nabataean city of Petra, one of the ancient wonders of the world. During your private tour of Jordan, you will explore Petra. All Osiris Tours Jordan Luxury Tours include a stop at Petra, an ancient Nabataean city that was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. visits to local markets and other

activities that reflect the Jordanian way of life. (Jordanian Tour Company)


Some Jordan tours are for families, while others are for younger or budget travellers, and some offer private luxury itineraries and fully customized options. Because booking a Jordan tour package is a unique experience when you visit Petra, (Jordanian Tour Company)

Jerash, Amman, Madaba, Mount Nebo, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea, I have compared some of the big names on the tour. industry as well as some local options and how to book the best private tours if you want to go that route. There are hundreds of Jordanian inbound tour operators, but most of them are quite determined, offering almost identical seven-day tours of the chain of attractions from Amman to Jerash, Madaba, Karak, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba and the Dead Sea. Inbound Tourism Petra Tours is one of the leading inbound tourism companies in Jordan, representing major tour companies from Europe, the Far East, the US and Canada.

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