Top Jordanian Tour Guide

Top Jordanian Tour Guide


Jordan MW Tours invites you to discover golden heritage and golden beaches on a luxurious tour of Jordan. Why I Love Jordan From the Dead Sea and Wadi Rum to the poetic glow of the night in Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jordan is dazzling with its iconic landmarks and breathtaking natural beauty. Learn about Jordan’s main attractions such as Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea, as well as Mount Nebo and Clark Castle.

Starting at $99, the Jordan Pass gives you access to 40 of Jordan’s main attractions, including many UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Petra, Wadi Rum, Kesir Amra and more. The same is true if you buy a Jordan Pass before arriving in the country, which, coincidentally, also gives you free entry to countless Jordan tourist attractions, including the lost city of Petra.
If you plan to visit other parts of Jordan, you can also get the Jordan Pass, which includes visits to Petra and 40 other places and museums across the country, including Jasash, Amman Citadel and Wadi Rum. Or, if you’re pressed for time and looking for a convenient way to visit the archaeological site of Petra, Jordan, choose from a variety of day-trip packages from Jordan’s capital, Amman and coastal resorts, including transportation and entrance fees Aqaba.

Public transit. If you’re visiting Jordan on a budget and time isn’t an issue, you can rely on public transport to get to major tourist destinations, and if a bus isn’t available, you can opt for a guided day trip that includes transportation or local taxis (although You will have to negotiate taxes). As for how to get there, there is no reliable public transport in Jordan that can take you where you want to go, so you can take a day trip from Amman to Petra or stay overnight in Petra (hire a driver to take you there ) and take you there Enter early in the morning. If you enjoy hiking, there are plenty of opportunities to explore Jordan from perspectives that few travelers see, such as the 9-day Dana to Petra trek.

The following tour includes only a guide and a car to give you an idea of ​​how much it costs to have a licensed tour guide in Jordan. Our independent courses can be tailored to your preferences and can start and end any day of the week. Since Jordan Select Tours employs only the most knowledgeable and courteous drivers and guides, and with the most competitive hotel rates, clients who take our private tours in Jordan trust that they will receive the best service and value for money.

Explore Jordan’s deserts, coastlines, and archaeological sites on a Jordan tour, where a local guide wants to show you the best of his picturesque home. Explore Jordan’s deserts, coastlines and archaeological sites on a Jordan tour where a local guide wants to show you the best of her picturesque home.

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