Touring in Jordan is a popular pastime for Westerners

Deep Blue Jordan: Scuba Diving Escapes


Foreigners visiting Jordan often find themselves pleasantly surprised by a variety of aspects of the country, its culture, and its people. Here are some common sources of surprise and delight for travelers to Jordan:

  1. Warm Hospitality: Jordanians are renowned for their hospitality. Visitors often receive warm welcomes and generous gestures from locals, making them feel like honored guests.
  2. Safety and Security: Jordan is known for its political stability and safety, and many travelers are pleasantly surprised by the sense of security they experience during their visit.
  3. Diverse Landscapes: Jordan’s landscapes vary dramatically, from the arid deserts of Wadi Rum to the lush greenery of the Jordan Valley. Travelers are often amazed by the country’s natural beauty and diversity.
  4. Petra’s Grandeur: Petra’s awe-inspiring rock-cut architecture and intricate facades, particularly the Treasury, often exceed visitors’ expectations.
  5. Cultural Richness: Jordan’s rich cultural heritage, which blends Arab, Bedouin, and various other influences, offers unique and immersive cultural experiences for travelers.
  6. Delicious Cuisine: Jordanian cuisine, with its diverse flavors and aromatic spices, is a delightful surprise for many visitors. Traditional dishes like mansaf and falafel are favorites.
  7. Historical Treasures: The abundance of historical sites and well-preserved ruins, including Jerash, Madaba, and Mount Nebo, often leave history enthusiasts pleasantly surprised.
  8. The Dead Sea Experience: Floating effortlessly in the Dead Sea’s buoyant waters and enjoying the therapeutic mud is a unique and unforgettable experience for many.
  9. Red Sea Adventures: Aqaba’s vibrant marine life and excellent diving opportunities in the Red Sea surprise and delight water sports enthusiasts.
  10. Cultural Interactions: Engaging with locals, learning about their customs and traditions, and attending cultural events can lead to meaningful and surprising connections.
  11. Jordanian Handicrafts: Exploring local markets and discovering traditional handicrafts like mosaics, ceramics, and intricate embroidery is often a delightful experience.
  12. Desert Adventures: The adventurous spirit of Jordan’s deserts, such as Wadi Rum, captivates travelers, whether through jeep tours, camel treks, or stargazing.
  13. Archaeological Digs: Joining archaeological digs or participating in history-related activities offers unique educational experiences for travelers interested in archaeology.
  14. Scenic Drives: The scenic drives through Jordan’s landscapes, including the King’s Highway and the Desert Highway, often exceed travelers’ expectations.
  15. Educational Opportunities: Jordan’s historical and cultural significance provides ample opportunities for learning and intellectual exploration.
  16. Modern Amenities: Despite its rich history, Jordan offers modern amenities, making it a comfortable and accessible destination for tourists.
Splash & Hike in Wadi Mujib (Siq Trail)
Splash & Hike in Wadi Mujib (Siq Trail)

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Aqaba Jordan

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Distance is 3 km and can take 3 to 5 hours
Distance is 3 km and can take 3 to 5 hours

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Splash & Hike in Wadi Mujib (Siq Trail)
Splash & Hike in Wadi Mujib (Siq Trail)

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St George’s Greek Orthodox Church

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Southern Theatre – Ancient Roman architecture – The Archaeological Site of Jerash

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Dana Village – road trip – Explore Jordan’s Wonders

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Madaba & Mount Nebo

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In summary, the surprises that foreigners encounter when visiting Jordan often stem from the warmth of its people, the richness of its culture, the diversity of its landscapes, and the sense of wonder that accompanies exploring its historical treasures. Jordan has a unique way of captivating the hearts of travelers and leaving them with lasting memories of their journey.

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