Travel to Jordan during Ramadan may not be much different from visits in other months, with a few exceptions. If you want to travel on a budget (and want to avoid the crowds), the best time to visit Jordan is in winter (approximately December to April). Spring and autumn are the best time to travel to Jordan, as the day is warm and the temperature reaches 20°C, but the night is cool. (Trip To Jordan)


Traveling during the summer months (June, July and August) can be challenging for those not used to the heat, so visiting Jordan in the spring and fall is recommended for those looking to avoid higher temperatures. Since you will be doing most of your travels in Jordan outdoors and quite active, we recommend that you travel in the spring, from March to May, or in the fall, from October to November. Although the winters are cold, spring has already arrived in early February and you can travel to all regions of Jordan under the sun until around November. (Trip To Jordan)


Jordan has a Mediterranean climate, so you can travel to Jordan all year round. Of course, Jordan does not shy away from the off-season visitation rule to cut down on travel costs. Most countries advise to refrain from any travel near Jordan’s borders with Syria and Iraq, except for the necessary ones, but the vast majority of visits to Jordan go without problems. At a basic level, you should exercise caution when traveling abroad and always pay attention to your personal safety in Jordan (as in any other country).


Some of the best places to visit in Jordan require long walks and even hiking, so bring some very comfortable shoes and even hiking boots. Jordan is a predominantly Muslim country, so conservative dress is recommended for men and women traveling to Jordan. If you are traveling alone, you should know that Jordan is the country best suited for groups when it comes to budget travel. A travel package to Jordan, featuring biblical sites and Bedouin culture, is sure to open up a world of possibilities for any intrepid traveler. (Trip To Jordan)


World-class archaeological sites, spectacular desert landscapes, friendly people, delicious food and guaranteed sunshine – there are many reasons to visit Jordan. I’m kidding though, it was the famous view of Petra’s Treasury seen through the rocky Sick corridor in Indiana Jones, and the last crusade to sell it to me. Whatever the reasons you want to come, Jordan is a great road trip destination, with good roads (but watch out for bumps) and cheap fuel.


So if you want to see the best in Jordan in a week, this is my ideal one-week itinerary in Jordan-including what to see along the way, what to do and where to live. If you plan properly, you can see Jordan’s must-see attractions without leaving your home. There are many reasons to add Jordan to your wish list, I’m talking about more than just visiting the ancient city of Petra and the picturesque Wadi Rum Desert. With the cosmopolitan cafes in Amman, the tranquility of Dana Mountain, and the historical treasures of Madaba, you can come to Jordan to see the ruins of Petra, but you will leave when you encounter more.


From simple visa-on-arrival counters to Jordan Pass and warm hospitality, Jordan is one of the most tourist-friendly countries I have ever visited. I am usually a fan of solo travel, but Jordan is a country where you will greatly benefit from the ideas of the locals, so I should advise you to join the tour while you are here. I recommend Jordan Allure Tours, which I personally used when I was in Jordan. The tour is led by Ramzi, my guide is from Wadi Musa, the city where Petra is located.


A visa to Jordan on arrival costs 40 JOD, and a 1-day travel card to Petra costs 50 JOD. As in many countries, travelers need a visa to enter Jordan, which usually costs 40 Jordanian dinars ($ 57). So, considering that a single entry visa costs 40 Jordanian dinars and a day ticket to Petra costs 50 Jordanian dinars, the Jordan Pass is undoubtedly a way to cut down on your travel expenses to Jordan. Based on the table above, visiting Jordan alone costs $ 262-323 per person per day – slightly less cost for two travelers as hotel and car rental costs will be split. (Trip To Jordan)


Jordan Pass – If you are planning to visit Petra and the attractions of Jordan, this can be a great way to save money. The main attraction of this pass is that there is no tourist visa fee (which costs 40 Jordanian dinars), even if you bought the pass before arriving in Jordan and stayed in the country for at least 4 days. You can visit it as part of Culture Trips’ thrilling nine-day Jordan adventure while avoiding the crowds entering through the back door.


On a tour of Jordan, you can hike the wadi, explore the many nature reserves, the most famous of which is the incredible Dana Biosphere Reserve, and snorkel in the warm waters of the Red Sea.


A trip to Jordan immediately brings to mind the Thousand and One Nights, visions of camels, deserts and Bedouins, but in fact, the Hashemite Kingdom has many other attractions to overcome. Modern cities inhabited by lay people, mountainous areas dotted with small villages and deserts inhabited by Bedouin nomads – Jordan has all this diversity and more. When you travel through Jordan, the variety of landscapes and people may surprise you. On Culture Trips, a specially organized small-group tour of Jordan, you will stop at a traditional Bedouin campground in the Wadi Rum Desert.


For centuries, Jordan has been a haven from conflict zones, ecstatic visitors with its World Heritage, friendly cities and exhilarating desert landscapes. Petra is Jordan’s most popular attraction and is a historical and archaeological city in the south of the country. It is located in West Asia on the east bank of the Jordan River. It is a land full of legends and mysteries. Many tourists are attracted by its sandstone masterpieces Petra and Wadi Rum, the ancient city of Jerash, and the natural wonders of the Dead Sea.


Although the location of Jordan is not the most obvious tourist destination, I can tell you from personal experience that whether you travel for cultural experience, food or beauty, Jordan will exceed your expectations. Some people might think that Jordan has a population of only 10 million, and there is little to offer as a tourist destination. However, visiting tourists will be pleased with the beauty here and will be moved by the generosity of the residents.


Amman, Jordan’s capital and largest city in the country, is full of cultural events. Start the day with a walking tour of the Old Town, stopping periodically to admire ancient sites such as the Citadel and the Roman Theater. Depending on your arrival time, you can start exploring the city. Our experts can help you create a personalized itinerary filled with Jordan’s best historical sites, natural wonders and local experiences.

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