Amazing Things to Do in Jordan – It’s All About the Food!

Amazing Things to Do in Jordan Its All About the Food


Jordan, which is situated on the eastern shores of the Dead Sea, is known for its beautiful scenery and rich culture. The country is also a foodie’s dream destination, as its unique cuisine features an assortment of herbs and spices, including dates, olives, pomegranate, and an abundance of vegetables.


As the world’s largest desert, Jordan has a lot to offer tourists. From breathtaking views, to ancient sites, and to mouth-watering food—Jordan is a country that is full of incredible things to see and experience. Jordan is also one of the safest countries in the Middle East. From a historical point of view, this Middle Eastern country is a bit of a mystery. There’s a lot to learn about the fascinating history of Jordan. And, of course, there’s an abundance of incredible food waiting to be discovered! To learn more, check out this list of amazing things to do in Jordan.

When you visit Jordan, you will discover so many amazing things, but the best way to enjoy them is to taste the local flavors.

“Jordanians love to travel, so it is easy to find a reason to visit the country,” says Jumana Khoury, founder of Nomad List. A lot of travelers come to Jordan because of its rich culinary culture. “You can find amazing food almost everywhere. In addition to the fact that they are tasty, Jordan’s dishes are affordable and easy to make,” she says. The best thing about the Jordanian culture is the people, she says. “I have been amazed by the friendliness of the locals. They are open to sharing their favorite places, and are always looking to help you discover new places.”

There are different ways to plan your next trip to Jordan with the right tour operator. Some people want to go to Jordan to see the Dead Sea. Others go to Jordan to visit Petra. Still, others are more interested in going to the Red Sea to see some amazing water sports activities. If you are looking for a place to stay in Jordan, you should make sure that you find a great hotel. The best hotels are the ones that are located close to the local attractions.

Let me give you some advices :

1. Experience the authentic Middle East food scene at one of our specialty restaurants.

2. Visit the oldest olive trees in the world at Wadi Rum.

3. Explore Petra, the ancient Nabatean city.

4. Dine on fresh and traditional Jordanian food at the Royal Coffee House Restaurant.

5. Take a camel trek through the stunning Wadi Rum.

6. Try falafel in Amman, the capital city.

7. Enjoy local cuisine at the Kawa Restaurant & Bar.

8. Watch the sunset from the top of Mount Nebo, the highest point in Jordan.

9. Visit Jerash Roman ruins and see the breathtaking views of the Dead Sea.

10. See the Roman and Byzantine mosaics of Madaba.

11. Try a traditional coffee


In conclusion, Jordan is an amazing place to visit because you can eat everything from the freshest seafood right down to the finest bread. You can find everything from tasty local dishes, through international cuisine, and even a wide variety of vegetarian dishes. I can’t recommend the country highly enough for foodies and visitors alike. Here are some tips to get the most out of your time in the Middle East.

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