Your day trip to Petra begins with a morning departure from Amman. On this tour, you will cross the magnificent Siq to reach the treasury and then to the beautifully designed monastery. Many people visit Petra on a day trip, but since it is a very large place, you need to prepare for a long day and focus on the highlights: walking the Siq to the Treasury, the Amphitheater, Column Street, Qasr al-Bint and the royal tombs.


You will notice that many Jordan tours make Amman your home base and you will be doing one day tours every day before returning to your 4-5 star hotel. For those taking deeper tours of Petra, you will start and end your journey here. If you have a busy schedule but want to see as much of Petra as possible, private tours are the way to go.


Depending on your concentration, most tours will only take you to Petra – like this one-day tour to Petra from Amman – or both Petra and nearby Wadi Rum – like this day tour of Wadi Rum and Petra from Amman. To help travelers with limited time, we at Jordan Private Tours have designed multiple itineraries to explore Petra in a limited time. Besides the full-day Petra tour, we also combine other places to explore such as Wadi Rum, Little Petra, the Dead Sea, Mount Nebo, Al Shobak Castle, Dana and Al Mujib Nature Reserves. If you plan to visit other places in Jordan, you can also get the Jordan Pass, which includes entry to Petra, as well as 40 other attractions and museums around the country, including Jesash, Amman Citadel and Wadi Rum.


From Amman Queen Alia International Airport or from Amman city center, guests can take a private transfer to Petra. The airport is slightly closer to Petra than to the center of Amman, which makes travel a little faster; however, taxis at the airport will certainly cost more. If you are driving to Petra, take the faster Desert Highway 236 km (approximately 3 hours) or 255 km (4.5 hours) from the Jordanian capital Amman to Petra along the slower but more scenic Kings Highway.


Itinerary – Drive from Amman to Petra along the desert highway (3 hours drive). Depart Amman in the morning and travel along the deserted highway to Petra and Wadi Musa. And while you can spend days exploring this impressive sandstone settlement, travelers with limited time can see the highlights of the ancient city on a day trip from Amman.


Whether you are on a business trip, vacation, or just visiting friends or family, remember that Petra is a majestic must-see attraction and should be on your itinerary. This is all the information you need to know when planning a trip to Petra, including how to get there, nearby hotels, best time to visit, and even the best place to have a drink after a long day of walking. The ancient city of Petra is hidden in the gravel of time, but it has not been forgotten. It is hidden in the red sandstone mountains of southern Jordan. The charm of Petra is undeniable. This natural wonder is not shrouded in sand and will truly take you back to the era of caravans, merchants and influences of almost all major ancient civilizations.


We had a great time in Petra and were confused by its hugeness. Three full days of exploration does not guarantee this, but the few hours we spent inside were enough for the first visit. We saw a lot-Amman, Jerash, Madaba, Mount Nebo, Serra Mosaic Studio and some Al Karak castles-we loved every minute of it. We departed from Amman and drove to Madaba, then Mount Nebo, Karak Castle, and finally Petra.


We drove from Al Karak castle for 2.5 hours and reached Petra (Wadi Musa). We met our driver at the Sandstone restaurant, located a few steps from the main entrance, and after a quick meal we drove to Little Petra. Once in Petra, Omar took our admission tickets and introduced us to our guide, who arrived shortly after us. After collecting our bags, we were greeted by our driver / guide on our 6 day Jordan itinerary who took us 30 minutes to our Le Grand Amman hotel where we stayed for two nights.


Some hotels are also located between Wadi Musa and the neighboring village of Taipeh. Petra is located in the southern part of Jordan, almost 236 km from Amman, the capital and business center of Jordan, where more than 40% of the population lives.


When deciding how to get from Amman to Petra, it’s best to keep your budget in mind. While many companies offer organized tours, this is also an easy place to visit on your own. They offer reasonably priced Petra tours that show you all the attractions of Jordan and other attractions in and around Petra.


After completing the day tour, you will return to Amman in the afternoon. As you can see, there is plenty to explore and your guide will make sure you make the most of your day before returning to Amman. Today I want to tell you about the beginning of our journey: about our unusual journey from Amman to Petra.


One day, we visited the amazing archaeological discoveries of Madaba and Mount Nebo along the Royal Highway, and then completed the magical observation of Petra in the evening. When our driver Omar walked in with a smile that day, I really started to cry because the whole trip was booked before and after our visit to Petra. However, in an ideal world (more than 6 days in Jordan), I would divide our trip from Amman to Petra into two days. Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Dana Biosphere Reserve, and Dead Sea (all the places we visited during our 6-day itinerary in Jordan) were nothing like what we experienced in Madaba (and Mount Nebo) .


Madaba is a popular stop on the Royal Highway from Amman to Petra, where you can see a map of Madaba. The JETT bus leaves Amman at 6:30 am and arrives in Petra in approximately four hours. Have a good night’s rest in the vicinity of Petra as you don’t want to miss a second the next day. Leave your car on arrival and enjoy a 2-hour guided tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site with a local guide.