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Jordan MW Local tour operator offers a wide range of tours to cater to different interests and preferences of travelers. The types of tours they offer can vary based on the destination, culture, and activities available in the local area. Here are some common types of tours that we’ve gotten for you:

  1. City Tours: These tours typically explore the highlights of the City of “Amman, Jerash, Umm Qais, Kerak, and Madaba” including landmarks, historical sites, museums, and cultural attractions. They may be walking tours, bus tours, or even bike tours.
  2. Cultural Tours: Cultural tours focus on immersing travelers in the local culture. They often include visits to local villages like Dana Village, traditional performances, and opportunities to interact with local people.
  3. Historical Tours: Historical tours are designed to educate travelers about the history of a region. They may include visits to historical sites, museums, and guided tours with historical context.
  4. Food and Culinary Tours: Food tours allow travelers to sample local cuisine and learn about the culinary traditions of a region. These tours often include visits to local markets, street food vendors, and cooking classes.
  5. Adventure Tours: Adventure tours are for travelers seeking adrenaline-pumping experiences. They may include activities like hiking, trekking, white-water rafting, zip-lining, and rock climbing.
  6. Wildlife and Nature Tours: These tours focus on exploring the natural beauty and wildlife of a region. Activities may include safaris, birdwatching, jungle trekking, and marine excursions. see Dana Nature Reserve tour
  7. Eco-Tours: Eco-tours promote sustainable and responsible travel. They often involve activities like nature conservation, volunteering, and visits to eco-friendly initiatives.
  8. Beach and Island Tours: These tours take travelers to coastal destinations and islands, offering opportunities for relaxation, water sports, snorkeling, and diving. see Diving activities in Aqaba Jordan.
  9. Specialty Tours: Local operators may offer specialty tours based on specific interests, such as photography, art, architecture, or wellness retreats.
  10. Educational Tours: Educational tours are often designed for students and teachers. They focus on learning experiences, such as visiting educational institutions, cultural exchange programs, and language immersion.
  11. Customized/Private Tours: Some tour operators offer customized or private tours, allowing travelers to tailor their itineraries based on their preferences and group size.
  12. Group Tours: These tours are designed for larger groups of travelers and often follow a fixed itinerary. They can be a cost-effective way to explore a destination with like-minded individuals. see our Group tours collections.
  13. Day Tours: Day tours are shorter excursions that typically last a few hours to a full day, making them ideal for travelers with limited time.
  14. Multi-Day Tours: Multi-day tours are longer journeys that span several days or even weeks. They provide a comprehensive exploration of a destination.

Local tour operators may offer a combination of these tour types to cater to a diverse range of travelers. When choosing a tour, it’s important to consider your interests, budget, and the level of adventure or relaxation you desire.

Hiking Dana Biosphere Reserve - SHAQ AL REESH TRAIL
Hiking Dana Biosphere Reserve – SHAQ AL REESH TRAIL

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Group Tour to Jordan – Petra and Wadi Rum

Petra, often referred to as the “Rose City,” is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Jordan, known for its stunning archaeological and historical significance. There are various types of tours to Petra that cater to different interests and preferences of travelers. Here are some common types of tours to Petra:

  1. Guided Historical Tours:
    • These tours provide comprehensive insights into Petra’s history, architecture, and significance.
    • Knowledgeable guides lead visitors through the Siq, the Treasury, and other key archaeological sites.
  2. Petra by Night Tours:
    • A unique experience where Petra is illuminated by thousands of candles, creating a magical atmosphere.
    • Guided tours at night offer a different perspective of the site, focusing on storytelling and mystique.
  3. Hiking and Adventure Tours:
    • For adventurous travelers, Petra offers various hiking trails, including the Al-Khubtha Trail and the High Place of Sacrifice.
    • These tours allow you to explore less-visited areas of Petra and enjoy breathtaking views.
  4. Photography Tours:
    • Designed for photography enthusiasts, these tours focus on capturing Petra’s beauty and architecture.
    • Expert guides provide tips on getting the best shots and angles.
  5. Jeep and Camel Tours:
    • Explore the surrounding desert landscapes and Petra’s vicinity on guided jeep or camel tours.
    • Combine the archaeological wonder of Petra with desert adventures.
  6. Day Tours from Nearby Cities:
    • Many travelers visit Petra as a day trip from cities like Amman, Aqaba, or Wadi Rum.
    • These tours offer a convenient way to explore Petra’s highlights in a single day.
    • Nearby Cities of Jordan are basically Up North Amman which is Jerash, Umm Qais, and Ajloun, click here for reservations.
  7. Multi-Day Tours:
  8. Educational Tours:
  9. Private and Custom Tours:
  10. Family-Friendly Tours:
  11. Luxury Tours:
  12. Spiritual and Religious Tours:
  13. Cultural Exchange Tours:
    • These tours offer opportunities to interact with local Bedouin communities and learn about their way of life.
  14. Wellness and Yoga Retreats:
    • Combine the exploration of Petra with wellness activities like yoga and meditation in the tranquil desert surroundings.
  15. Volunteer and Eco-Tours:
    • Engage in conservation efforts and eco-friendly initiatives in and around Petra, contributing to its preservation.
Desert thrills in Wadi Rum
Desert thrills in Wadi Rum

Before booking a tour to Petra, it’s important to consider your interests, physical capabilities, and the duration of your visit. Choose a tour that aligns with your preferences and allows you to make the most of this incredible archaeological site.

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