Jordan Tours From Amman

Jordan Tours From Amman


Take the opportunity to explore northern Jordan on a day trip from Amman. As you can see, there is a lot to explore and your guide will make sure you make the most of your day before returning to Amman. You will notice that many Jordan tours make Amman their base and you will do day trips every day before returning to your 4-5 star hotel. Whatever your interests, your guide will happily set up a private modern tour to ensure you get the most out of your visit.


Your guide will happily organize a day trip from Amman to the ancient city of Petra. The charm of Petra is undeniable, and the sight of this sand-free natural wonder will truly take you back to the age of caravans, traders, and the influences of almost every major ancient civilization. Hidden by the sands of time, but not forgotten, the ancient city of Petra is hidden in the red sandstone mountains of southern Jordan.


Today, the ancient city of Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and nestled in a gorge of huge terracotta-colored rocks that glow “pink red”. The real Jordan is home to thousands of archaeological sites, including Crusader-era castles, the Roman theater of Amman, and the pink city of Petra, carved into the sandstone cliffs over 2,000 years ago. From Amman, start the day by traveling south to the legendary ancient city.


Departure from Amman. A private tour will take you to the magnificent archaeological park of Petra. On a private tour with your guide and driver, explore extraordinary Petra, an ancient city in the Jordanian desert where temples and tombs are carved into the pink stone of the canyon walls. Carved into the pink sandstone over 2000 years ago, with your personal guide you will reach the fabulous ancient city through a narrow canyon from where you will see the celebrity for the first time.


After visiting with your personal guide the fabulous ancient city, the Treasury, the royal tombs, in the early afternoon we drive to the Dead Sea beach. Your guide will take you through the Siq, which serves as the entrance corridor to UNESCO-listed Petra, which eventually leads to the famous Treasury.


Short drive to the Church of St. George in Madaba, famous for its 6th century Byzantine mosaic map. We will end our day with a private transfer to your hotel on the Dead Sea. Ground services end after breakfast at the Dead Sea hotel on the 10th day of the itinerary indicated on the smart Tours tour page.


The perfect tour includes private transfers/transportation, water, English speaking guide, but you have to pay for the journey to Petra and buy your own lunch. Unwind at Café Amman Café, the perfect place to experience contemporary Jordan. Amman, modern and multicultural, is a cosmopolitan and progressive Arab city.


Amman is one of the easiest cities to explore in the Middle East and the perfect place to start. The ancient city of Amman now serves as the political, cultural and commercial center of Jordan and is an excellent starting point for a holiday in Jordan. Continue to the capital Amman where you will drive to sights such as the Royal Palace and King Hussein National Mosque and get a general overview of the city. Before heading to Amman, you will taste a delicious local dessert called Knafeh.


The private tour combines two of Jordan’s attractions, the Roman ruins of Jerash and the Dead Sea. Your off-season tour of Jordan begins in the capital Amman and ends at the Dead Sea, one of the lowest points on Earth. The private tour starts in the morning from the Arava border fenc. The private tour will take you to 3 historical sites; first stop is the fabulous ancient city, marvel at the magnificent monuments and marvel at the impressive structures.


Travel with us to Jordan on a group tour to discover these treasures and more, celebrate the New Year in the desert, or experience something out of the ordinary on one of our selected private trips. With Jordan Classical Tours, your visit to Jordan is sure to be special and unique.


With Amman’s cosmopolitan cafes, the tranquility of Dana Hill, and Madaba’s historic treasures, you may come to Jordan to see the ruins of Petra, but you’ll leave with so much more. Jordan tours are easy to arrange as the routes are already established and I would say that the best tours of the ancient city of Petra start from Amman, where you will undoubtedly fly or transit. Memphis Tours offers affordable tours to the ancient city of Petra, which will show you all the sights of Jordan, as well as others that are more dedicated to Petra and the surrounding area.


Gorgeous Petra is the “pink city” of Petra, an extraordinary architectural masterpiece carved out of the mountain range by the Nabataeans in the 3rd century BC. Enjoy a guided tour of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Petra, one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

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